What does the concept of Oneness really mean? Oneness describes that we are all a part of the same source and that at the soul level; we are the same energetic being. Oneness goes beyond physicality and represents a connection to every living being in the Universe. Therefore every thought, every experience, is felt by all, even if only like a small breeze. Oneness means that everyone has, or will be, everything and in this space there is no place for judgment, since what you are judging in another, you too have been. Oneness is knowing that you are always surrounded by the transformational light of Love, by which we all are connected. Oneness is everything and yet at times it is barely noticeable.

We live in a world full of unseen energy, and it is because this energy is hidden from our view, that we often fail to recognize it. Since the time we are young children, we are taught to distinguish one thing from the other and to separate and categorize people and things. Really, we should be taught the opposite, and re-train our brains in terms to think of how individuals and/or their qualities are the same. Try it next time you go out in public, look around the area and chose someone that you feel that you may not have anything in common with, and try to look at that person from an energetic perspective. How is their life experience similar to yours? Do they have a need for Love, security, food, shelter? Are they seeking what they see as the best good for themselves and their family? Try to understand that your truth on such things may not be the same as this other person's truth, but that does not mean that you are dissimilar to them. Perhaps if you actually got to know this person, you might find that they came from a similar family background or have faced similar obstacles in their life to you. Start thinking about others in terms of Oneness, and you will also be better able to find that space of Oneness within yourself.

So, how can you better connect with the Oneness that you have with the Universe? Relax and be still. In this space of allowing, you are free to feel that connection to Oneness, that connection to God. It is in this space that pure inspiration, pure Love and pure healing can take place without interruption. So how do you get to this relaxed state? You must learn how to turn off the outside world, how to go within and just be. For you want to allow the information to flow through you, so that it can come to the surface. Just let it flow until you feel the energy stop. If you feel nothing, then just allow yourself the Joy of Being. That feeling of being may change from day to day, but allow yourself to experience whatever feeling, emotion or experience that comes through on a particular day. Think of this as your spiritual workout. Each time you allow for yourself to connect to this energy of Oneness, the more that you will be in that Divine Flow that makes all things possible.

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Karen Downing is a spiritual adviser, intuitive reader and channel. She has helped many people find their inner strength through changing their perception of themselves and others and viewing life from an energetic point of view. Karen offers private readings as well as one-on-one spiritual development sessions. You can find out more information about Karen and the energy that she works with on http://AurorasMessage.com