Stop for a moment and look around in the world! Pay attention to the teens’ lives around you, inspect them thoroughly! What do you experience? Are they healthy, happy? Are they full of momentum, energy, dreams waiting to be fulfilled and set goals? Or do they just live a teen’s everyday life and they don’t have an image of their future?

What do you think, do they know themselves, are they aware of the basic signs of their personality and their values? Do they know what talent did they arrive at this world with? Have they noticed that their existence serves a purpose yet? Have you noticed? Do you know yourself and your dreams? Are you planning the shaping of your future? Do you use the Universal laws?

Universal laws make up our lives every moment. You must have heard it already: You sow as you reap. Everything has a price. Everything has a predetermined amount of time.

The stories which contain similar truths aren’t just stories, but ancient proverbs. Guides on life. Messages on the pages of a book. Messages to your spirit saying if you notice the laws of nature your world can be better. Isn’t that what you wish for? Isn’t that what we all wish for since we were children?

As a coach of the Law of Attraction I’ve experienced that these truths are worth speaking of to your children very early. Meditation together after a story, a tale is a useful thing. An experience which is irreplaceable. As a mother I can say that every moment spent with my son for spiritual conversation is second to none. Not only for its momentary value back then. It brought me pleasant minutes, but after the passing of 18 years I know that all of this was just the tip of the iceberg. However, deep down there are different experiences.

We received the wonder of honest conversation, the privilege of knowing each other, the perfect minutes of daydreaming, and the magic of making dreams come true. We lived through the joy, the discovery of Life, the artwork, the creation’s greatness. And the Universe worked for us, for them...

Do you want your child to become happy and fulfilled?

Do you want him maximum support in life?

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Theresia Valoczy #1 Best Selling Author/ Compiler/ Publisher
Conscious Creators- How to Use the Law of Attraction

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