Did you set New Year’s resolutions about diet and exercise this year? Are you struggling, fighting them yet? What if that happened because when you decided you needed to lose weight, and chose the method, you forgot to ask your body what it desired? Is it your partner or your enemy?
What if your body was actually more conscious than you ever acknowledged? What if you started asking your body what it required? What kinds of activity does it like? Get out of your “shoulds” and just ask. What feels expansive, lighter, what makes you smile? Do that and your body will not only be happier, you’ll have opened up a whole new connection with your body!
Do you ever take on other people’s energy? When someone comes into your space outpouring negative frenzied energy, do you take it on? How much of what you carry around is actually picked up from others? Even headaches and pain are easily taken on from others. Access Consciousness™ has an invaluable tool for clearing this: ask, “Is this mine or someone else’s?” 99% of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not even ours, we’ve just taken them on from someone else. It’s like being a part of the herd, just part of being connected.
Your body is inherently blessed with its own knowing. It craves what it needs. When pregnant women crave something specific, it’s because their body needs the nutrients.
Choose a shift this month, ask your body what it requires to eat. You can use your intuition, or use your body as a pendulum, holding the food you’re testing to your solar plexus and standing feet together. Your body will sway: forward - yes, backward - no, sideways - doesn’t matter. First clear your energy with “is this mine or someone else’s?” Even the idea to eat may just be what you’re picking up from the “herd.” Maybe your body doesn’t require food right now, just a drink of water. Ask with every bite, even, to keep from eating more than what your body requires.
You can use this with anything you are considering for your body, a diet, exercise, specific vitamin or mineral supplements, ask without an opinion about it. Ask what will make it happy for exercise. Skiing, a walk, dancing, something sexy, what would it like? You may be surprised what your body requires.
Also, take your time, taste what you are eating, enjoy your activity, allow your body to be enriched fully by the energy. Savor it, be in the moment. Notice, be aware of your body and the sensations, of the experience. A new communion with your body will awake! Conscious Eating and Exercise is possible, when you ask and follow the energy.

Author's Bio: 

Eileen Moore Koenigsberg, CFMW, is a published author, certified yoga instructor, Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator and Intuitive Healer. Eileen has an extensive background in energy work, breaking through limiting beliefs, and creating joy through increased awareness. She has a masters in Applied Metaphysics / Mysticism and is the author of Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body & Spirit. Eileen’s website is www.vaporizingclouds.com and www.eileenmoorekoenigsberg.accessconsciousness.com