The deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and pitchman Billy Mayes has many of us seriously thinking about our own mortality. Most of us never consider our own mortality. Our own death is never thought about or discussed. In fact, the American culture is extremely afraid of death – so afraid that we treat it as if it will never happen. We go about each day expecting to awaken the next. While intellectually we know that death will occur for all things living, we act as if death has no hold on us.

If we are spiritual energy in the form of our soul, and energy never dies, then why is death from the perspective of the physical realm so important to understanding spirituality? Death reminds us that we will express spiritual energy through our bodies for a very short amount of time. Death also lets us know that it is not the body that is important, but our souls. Our bodies will age, get sick, and eventually cease to function. Our bodies will then be used to sustain other life on earth. Only our souls will move on. It is the soul that is truly important. It is the spiritual life behind the physical realm that we seek connection with.

When you act as if you will always exist in this physical form, you never truly respect and appreciate the life you have. You never treat your life or any other life with any sense of respect, urgency, or priority. The American culture has become a couch potato society. The values of our lives have been reduced to which of our favorite television shows are coming on tonight. We work in jobs for years that we hate. We shun away those we love over who is “right” or “wrong”. We remain in relationships that no longer serve us because they are comfortable and seemingly predictable. We allow our dreams and our true life’s work to become a faded memory of what we once thought we could become.

Without an understanding of death, life simply passes you by. Life is much more than the ability of your body to pump blood, breathe, and feed itself. Life is getting in touch with that infinite part of you, and remaining centered in that infinity to express it now. There are people on this planet that are already dead, but that do not know it yet. They live their lives on a perpetual “auto-pilot” and never truly live. Their funerals are simply the acknowledgement that their bodies have caught up to what they already were. They are no longer expressing from the soul level. In some instances, they never have.

The spiritual person knows that death can occur at any time. It is inevitable and often not on our schedule. Death is a reality for us all. We live under the illusion that we can escape it, but the reality is that we will not. Death is a reality for you here and now. It always has been. You may never have taken the time to see that reality.

Many people view this as a depressing thought, because they view life as ending when their bodies stop functioning. However, you are spiritual energy, which lives on infinitely. You never die, but you do change forms. Rather than viewing death as depressing and as something that happens to other people, view death as a reality and a new beginning.

Just as the nature of life is to move towards death, the nature of death is to move towards life. In other words, death is like the ending of a chapter in a book, where the next page is a new chapter and a new beginning. Death is not really an ending. It is simply yet another change in the expression of your soul.

Death is a process. You’ve already gone through this process time and time again. Remember, if you as soul are infinite, not only will it always live, it always has lived. You have no beginning and no end. You simply always were. You are already a part of all that ever was. Infinity exists within the past, the future, and most importantly the present.

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