Sugar ants not just feed on sugar or sweet things but on any of the scrapes or leftovers too. They eat just about anything from rotten food to small chunks that may happen to fall down on floor or kitchen counter.

However, get rid of ants may not be that tough a task if you follow a few basic everyday tips.

Keep your house clean- Sugar ants love dirty houses. So, if your house is clean, they have no good reason to make it their abode. Sweep your floor, do the dishes and avoid leaving any leftovers anywhere in the house. Keep out the garbage regularly and if you have a pet, clean their feeding area regularly.

Store food in ant proof containers- Your house may be clean but you may be attracting the ants otherwise. Make sure that you store your food supplies in the right kind of containers. Keep your cupboards clean and make sure there's no stickiness present on the bottle of honey or chocolate syrup lying in your cupboard.

Use ant baits- use best ant poisons. They are effective as well as capable of finishing off the entire colonies of ants. One after the other, the ants take these baits as food to their nest and thus the bait reaches a much larger population of ants and they tend to get killed by it.

Use sprays or powders- You could locate the nest of the ants by following them and kill the whole nest using sprays or some powdered chemicals. They are effective when it comes to controlling sugar ants. You must know that killing individual ant would do no good and so you need to track them back to their nest.

If these methods fail to show their might, it's time you rope in Melbourne Pest Control professionals who would help you get rid of ants, once and for all. Use of various sprays, powders or chalks would solve the problem of sugar ants effectively. Professionals are capable of locating the source of the problem and that is where the solution lies. Once the cause of the problem has been identified, it is very easy to take up right measures to exercise control over it.

So, if sugar ants are getting out of control and creating a havoc in your household, it's time you take up steps to better be safe than sorry!

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