We all have a ‘dark side’ though most of us are afraid to admit to it. We prefer to think of ourselves of good people. That means that most of us are in, what is called by the experts, a state of denial. It is a state that the human race can no longer ignore, for we all can be murderers if we believe that is the only way forward; or we give in to, even for a instant, a simple angry emotional response.

• So what is the ‘Dark Side’ really?
• And what can we do about controlling it?

Basically it resolves around the choice between two the poles of consciousness. The first pole is light and light is almost always creative. Almost: for as we know that too much of light can also be dangerous. But that is how the two sides of light and dark struggle against each other to produce what we call the ‘present moment’ of our reality.

This present moment of consciousness is where we experience what has been created to date. It is one we, the human race, have a long history of being a large part of that creation.

It is also the point of choice. To be creative or destructive: to move over to the ‘dark’ side of consciousness, the second pole; or to live in a creative balance between the two.

It is easy to imagine that the dark side is all bad. It of course is not. The dark side is a period of rest for most of life: but not all - to a few - nocturnal animals and those who work nights - darkness is the period where their lives are lived and their choices are made.

So neither light nor darkness is all bad or all good.
Yet our dark side can be totally destructive as we know from terrorist acts wars and the atomic bomb, if we embrace it too deeply for any reason.

So what could such a reason be based on?

For most of us it is the image we hold of ourselves. It is how we see or ‘feel’ about ourselves. It is built upon from what we have accepted from what life - from what life presented to us, or treated us to - to date. The results of which is can be a lack of self-confidence, a feeling of being unworthy, a feeling of being trapped - even though our life circumstances may look to be ‘heaven’ to most, who lives in more difficult or challenging circumstances even to extreme poverty.

Such as these are ‘choice points’ at which we can be radicalised: for they are points when we are offered a different scenario; ones that, usually, offer a seeming solution to how we feel if we would only embrace this new path, one that gives us hope that however frail the straw we are grasping, our self image will improve immeasurably.

Would that new path have God somehow mixed in with it? Quite possibly: but not necessarily so; for that new path might, for instance, be an introduction to a new drug-induced feeling of euphoria.
Yet whatever that new path offers is always down to a choice we ourselves must make and one that we make usually through ignorance of the how or why we are facing that choice.

How, we say to ourselves reeling it shock on seeing it happen to others, can a young man or woman with everything to live for, take their own lives or be so ‘radicalised’ as to commit gruesome murder or die with everything seemingly to live for, in a drug induced coma?

It all boils down to that self-image we hold of ourselves and down to a choice made in ignorance of that simple fact.

We can be told to see a therapist, but most of us on that downward slope, faced with that suggestion will deny that we need it. We have to examine ourselves. What we are, how we become are what we are. Not to apportion blame to our teachers, friends, bullies, parents etc, because they too have a balance of a dark-light side to contend with, but to realise that we are evolving in mind as well as in body. To realise that the choice we made in the past were choices largely made in ignorance.

The human race is largely in a state of denial and so in a state of stagnation of our further evolution. We have to change. We have to make far more positive choice.
Realising this we can make the choice of researching what makes us what we are because it all boils down to one simple face, it is always one of choice.

Yet the choice on the face of it is not so simple - for denial is blind. It is blind to the fact that we alone can make the choice of living a creative life or one of moving inexorably toward the ‘dark’ destructive side of ourselves.

Yet it can be done! We have only to realise that to restart of our mind and soul evolution is to acknowledge live our lives in the creative balance between creation or destruction. A mere one percent swing toward creation will do it, for to laugh to cry happily to smile and be kind, or to look at others in hatred and blame are the base of those choices we call life.

It is a simple every moment of every day choice to be creative or destructive. Decide now what balance your future life will lean towards.

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For most of my life I have been involved with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I have also research quantum mechanics and metaphysical sciences, where I discovered ‘The Secret’. So what is that mysterious energy of consciousness and mind, which is all there is?

This is what I set out to discover and now share with you on this site and on my website http://hypnosismindconsciousness.com and in my primer ‘Hypnosis Mind Consciousness’ which is available on Amazon Kindle books.