If you are a real man that would like to seduce beautiful girls the idea of being able to add hypnosis to your technique probably sounds like a great idea. As many of you reading this will know conversational hypnosis enables you to use language to hypnotize girls as part of your seduction technique. Before anyone accuses me of misogyny, and for those who are not so familiar with conversational hypnosis, these techniques are not designed to make anybody do anything or behave in a way that they don't want to. Conversational hypnosis is all about making the most of yourself and presenting an irresistible personality so that other people want to do as you ask. It is all about persuasion and influence, not coercion. If the experience is unlikely to enrich either your own or the girls life then don't do it. If you use conversational hypnosis unethically it is unlikely to work for a start and is not an acceptable use of this valuable skill.

What we are going to discuss here are the kind of patterns you can use as part of good conversational hypnosis seduction technique. As a therapist and practitioner I tend to use these patterns in other contexts on a daily basis. I have also used them in my own personal life and have been stunned by their effectiveness. Obviously the patterns discussed here are extremely condensed and, if simply repeated verbatim, will be both highly conspicuous to the girl in question and will actually make you look a bit of a jerk. This will not help you hypnotize girls.

Therefore it is assumed that you already have some knowledge of conversational hypnosis technique. The persuasion strategies outlined here should form part of a normal conversation but your focus should be the effective delivery of hypnotic language. In a real world setting you will still need to establish solid rapport and captivation. You should hypnotize girls with careful reference to your signal recognition system and will need to bind, future pace and amplify the thoughts as part of the hypnotic seduction.

These patterns are not intended to be delivered as they are written but should rather be woven into the natural flow of conversation. In order to deliver them effectively you will need to be familiar with the concepts of charisma patterns, tonal control and cadence. The open trance should be well maintained and the seeding of hypnotic ideas fully underway before incorporating these more advanced patterns. That being said these patterns will really help your efforts to hypnotize girls.

In order to assist the focus of your delivery I've taken the liberty of highlighting the hypnotic language. Every girl you encounter will be a different person and you will need to carefully judge your pace depending upon the circumstances. Remember to focus upon the repetition of seeding hypnotic ideas and bear in mind the laws of successive approximations and compounding effects. However as very broad rule of thumb I would anticipate these patterns should be woven into a conversational hypnosis delivery of between 20 to 40 minutes.

That being said let's start.

Firstly you need to seed the idea that she actually likes you. Now much of this should already be a given, based upon your rapport building and use of generic rather than hypnotic language. However there's no substitute for getting right to the point within pattern delivery. Try something like:

"You ...Like Me will probably look back to days like today and see it as the start of something wonderful in your life.”

Now where talking about hypnotic seduction here and we all know where that leads so don't be shy. Use some gratuitous sexual body language to anchor this pattern. An open hand resting near your groin should get the point across. Remember your basics. You want to start “stacking realities” and creating “future memories” so get more patterns in like this:

“sometimes, when you look back you can see that this is the start of a great new adventure

You can purposefully conflict tenses here. Not only will this carry greater subconscious impact it will also intensify open trance. Remember to hypnotize girls you need to combine and adapt good technique. As your captivation of her builds you need to start creating a bind between cause and effect that reinforces the idea that being with you makes her happy.

“I don't know about you but now with me it seems funny that the more you try to put things behind you, like me you end up getting more and more excited about what you are starting now. . . .”

Delivery is everything with a complex script like this. By switching referential index and building the “more yo do X then more Y happens” cause and effect this sentence is heavily laden with hypnotic language. Trance must be deep and contextualization is paramount as this pattern requires precise delivery. However, if your signal recognition system is telling you that trance is happily erratic you can really start compounding effect.

Now with me I find that when you meet someone you just want to be with. Me, now when I get to know them well and feel you are having a really great time. With me it's like you never want to be apart. . . .etc . . etc”

As you can see this is pretty heavy stuff full of embedded commands and switched referential indexes. There really is no substitute for experience in judging the length and intensity of this kind of pattern. Generally speaking I find that short burst of heavy hypnotic language like his inter-dispersed with light banter works well. As we know some are more susceptible to embedded command than others and you will have to use your judgment to decide how much repetition and reinforcement you need to hypnotize girls you are interested in.

Now at this stage, if you are content that embedded commands have been absorbed, you really need to focus on binding and amplify the emotional connection she is building to you. For example:

“Sometimes you find yourself thinking of that person at odd moments like when you switch the kettle on or have a drink”

Again you can reinforce this statement with obvious body language. Point to yourself to indicate that the person she is thinking of is actually you. Furthermore you are suggesting that she thinks of you when she does a very common and mundane task. Better still, the actions you have chosen, turning the kettle on and having a drink, are associated with relaxation points in her day. You are associating thoughts of you with a relaxing, pleasant breaks in her day and she is likely to think of you warmly as a consequence.

However, there's no need to stop there. You can now amplify this association.

This is a great feeling because when you meet someone you really like if you, like me are a romantic person you get a great feeling deep inside that gets stronger and stronger every time you take a sip or turn that switch on.”

If you meet this girl in a bar she will probably be sipping her drink as you talk to her. Your on a roll so maintain your action frames and continue like this and you will hypnotize girls successfully. In my experience, given proper conversational hypnosis technique, you can more or less be assured that she will want to give you her number or will actually ask for yours. You can leave the meeting safe in the knowledge that she will almost certainly call you in the next day or so.

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As an experienced conversational hypnotist I'm not saying that your attempts to hypnotize girls will go perfectly every time, Especially as you perfect your hypnosis techniques. But, just as with any other skill, the more you practice conversational hypnosis the better and faster you will get.