How do you want to change your life? Do you want to lose weight, give up smoking or get rid of bad habits. Maybe you want more success at home and at work or perhaps you want to do more for others, get rich or learn the piano. Whatever it is you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a self help guide to help you achieve it. That probably explains why the self help industry generates $Billions every year. Certainly, if you want to learn how to get rich their would appear to be plenty of, so called, self help gurus who know exactly how to do that.

So does any of this stuff actually work? Well yes, some of it helps some people. There are plenty who can genuinely testify to the inspiration they found in a well written, self help guide prompting them to improve their lives. The authors of these guides are quick to jump upon these as examples of their success as writers and guides. And there is no doubt that the people who achieve their dream do sincerely believe that some of their success is attributable to the sage words passed on to them by the wise guru.

However this isn't proof that the self help guides work, it simply proves the law of averages. If you are interested in model aircraft you could write a book that extols the virtues of building models. If it sells well and is read by say 10,000 people how many of them will go on to design real aircraft? Maybe 1 or 2. They may even look back in years to come and say that reading your book was the catalyst that made them become aircraft engineers, as indeed it may. However, no matter what they think, their success is due to the hard work and effort they made over many years. They made the most of the their education and training opportunities and learned the required skills that enabled them to design aircraft for a living. They did it because they were committed and driven enough to achieve their dream and had the opportunities and means to do so.

But what about the other 99,998 people who didn't become really successful? What about the 50 that developed a fear of flying, is that because you passed on your irrational fears, or what about the 10 who ended up working as doctors. Is any of that due to your skills as a writer and the passion for medicine that shone through the paragraph about 2 stroke engines?

In reality people achieve what they have the determination, ability and opportunity to achieve. If you want to give up smoking you will if you have the determination, ability and opportunity to do so. You will lose weight if you have the determination, ability and opportunity and you will make a $million of you have those three, essential elements in place. So, no matter what the self help gurus want to tell you, there really are only three things you need to succeed.

If you want to make positive changes in your life you need have the determination to make those changes no matter what obstacles you may face. You also need to have the ability to make those vital changes so you need the learn the skills that will give you that ability. Finally you need to have the opportunity to make those changes. The determination and ability are something you can take control of but the opportunity is a bit difficult.

Therefore you need to build determination, increase your ability and somehow create opportunities for yourself. If you can do these three things you can make significant changes in your life. You can empower yourself and seize the initiative. You can achieve anything. This is a fact not speculation.

However, so many of us struggle to develop the mental strength required to achieve significant personal change. Obviously this is good news for the self help industry as it means there will be plenty who will continue to buy more guides and seek that elusive guru who can really change our lives.

In reality the only person who can really change your life is you and all you need is the mental discipline to stay determined, learn the skills that will increase your ability and then create the opportunities you need. The solution, and the only self help guide you will ever actually need, is learning conversational hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a clinically proven psychological process that enables you to manipulate the unconscious imagery that determines behavior. Conversational hypnosis makes it possible to hypnotize someone without them knowing it. However the techniques you learn also enable you to exercise an incredible amount of mental control. In the guise of self hypnosis, you can actually increase your ability to concentrate, your memory and even your capacity to learn. This means that not only will you be able to maintain your determination and develop the necessary skills but you will also be able to genuinely manipulate others to create the opportunities you need. No other technique enables you to do this.

Author's Bio: 

Ian Davis is an experienced conversational hypnotist who discovered the right hypnosis technique for personal success many years ago. Ian has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to use conversational hypnosis to help people realize their potential. He lives and works happily in the UK.