For some people, covert hypnosis sounds like an illegal technique used at the corporate levels. Covert hypnosis is a method to influence people. For example, people do not realize when you are being in control of the conversation. So, if you desire to learn this type of hypnosis, then this article will give you some insights.

Introduce yourself and afterwards listen

The first step is to present yourself to the person. Then let the other do the next step and introduce himself. It is best to ask questions and then let the person answer. Do not talk on and on, without much sense. Make sure to notice what the other persons are using, if they are more auditory or visual. Keep in mind whether they are saying “I hear what you are saying” rather than “I see what you mean”. There is a big difference between the two concepts and understanding that will help you.

Build rapports and connections

After establishing the first contact with the person, it is time to build a real connection with him or her. For example, you can talk about common passions and interests. You have to find out what they are interested in and follow that lead. This way, you will give a reassuring touch and you will not be offensive. Trust is going to be built in this way and it will be much easier for you to communicate in the future.

Turn the conversation around

Once you have opened the lines of communication, you are ready to talk more. Remember if your person is more auditory or visual and work with that. This way the person will accept the information you input in a better way.

You can then turn the conversation, easily and nicely into the right direction. You will see that the person’s interest will grow towards the discussion and you will be able to find common ground much easier. This way you will be able to act and persuade the person. The persuasion method is great for making yourself understood by the other person, in a very non invasive way

They will also not be aware of the way in which you are feeding them information and persuading them. This way they will not resist you as much. It is the best and most diplomatic method in which you can approach the situation and use hypnosis for persuasion purposes.

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