Have you ever wondered how much you can earn through copywriting? Well, the story of Justin Goff teaches us that the sky is only the limit. He went from being dead broke to starting multiple ventures that have gotten him millions in revenue. In 2017, for example, he sold his supplement business for over $23 Million. He had started this company from scratch, and thanks to his copywriting skills, he was able to scale and sell it in just three years. 

Meet Justin Goff, an entrepreneur, a speaker, business coach and marketer who support business owners position their products and brands, and drive sales by converting offers on cold traffic using time tested copywriting skills. Justin is to date one of the highest-paid marketers and is the man behind some of the biggest marketing videos you see all over the internet. Having no formal training in copywriting, Justin is a self –starter. He is 'what most people call an accidental entrepreneur.' He has developed expert skills in copywriting and knows just what works and what doesn't. Some of the skills that Justin applies include research skills, feedback from clients, attention to details, emotional connection with the client and a curious eye to novel ideas. Read through to learn how he uses these skills to generate multi-million dollars in revenue each year. 

 Do Your Homework

Key to success as a copywriter is the ability to research various items of a copy. From design, target audience and customer, the platform suitability, as well as product competition details, are all critical. Proper research ensures that there are adequate knowledge resources to write content that is engaging and influences the readers. Justin advises that you delve into credible information sources that help you connect with the audience on another level. He says "I started to realize copywriting is just salesmanship in print." It is, therefore, essential to do your homework to know what works and what does not work. 

Connecting With The Audience

Getting to know what the clients want is an essential aspect of copywriting. In most cases, as a copywriter, you will have to think in terms of the client's perspective. What are the clients' aspirations? What are their experiences? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when coming up with your copy. While getting ready to advertise a cookbook, for instance, Justin did much research on the women group that Paleo Dessert Cookbook was targeting. He learned that many women in target circles 'derived much status in their social circles.' Therefore, he was able to structure his message in a way that triggers their emotions.  

Keep Growing And Re-inventing Yourself

The digital space is always changing. To succeed as a copywriter, one has to keep improving their skills to ensure that you always stay ahead of the game. An important skill that has assisted Justin to become a successful copywriter is his ability to introduce something new to the copy. A unique feature, a new angle, new perspective even to old and existing products ensures that the product gets the attention of cold traffic as well as existing loyal clients. Justin Golf advises that one has to see what is novel in any product and always look for ways to bring in a fresh perspective to things. 

Establishing An Emotional Connection

Increasing brand awareness and persuading customers rides on creating an emotional connection through copywriting. Justin says 'I've realized that's probably one of the biggest things that people don't realize. It's not the words; it's the feeling they get.' Whatever the sector, your aim should be to ensure that your copy connects with your audience on a 'personal level.' That your words or graphic means something to them, by doing so, it is no doubt that you will be able to influence their decisions.  

Justin Golf is confident that if your copy bears all these elements, it's bound to translate to increased traffic, increased product awareness, customer acquisitions and sales that will drive your business to profitability. These skills are time tested and proven, and if he has been able to get millions in revenue, so can you. Learn more from Justin at https://www.justingoff.com/

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