Core Desires are the ignition mechanism for the Conquering Force. This is what a Core Desire can do in your life- ignite the Conquering Force within you. I've taught hundreds of karate students, most of whom indicated they wanted to be black belts, but few of them ever achieved that distinction. Not because they didn't have the ability but because it wasn't a Core Desire. The sooner you identify your Core Desires, the sooner your Conquering Force kicks in. Then, and only then, will you truly have what it takes to achieve at high levels, which is where the greatest joy and happiness can be found.

This unstoppable Conquering Force already resides within you. Everything that you do, have, or become is a direct result of it. It is the reason you have achieved anything of significance to date-including learning to walk, talk, tie your shoes, drive a car, swim, ski, play an instrument, or sing. It is the reason we build houses, create computers, eradicate diseases, or put a man on the moon. Everything that you achieve, at any point in your life, serves as evidence that you already have Core Desires and the Conquering Force within you.

Although this Conquering Force is one of your greatest gifts, you are probably only vaguely aware of its powers; hence, you aren't using it as often as you could. When you tap into your Conquering Force, you can achieve your Core Desire in any area of your life.

The axiom "Use it or lose it" applies to the Conquering Force. You'll still have it, just as you'll always have your biceps, but its latent energy needs to be tapped. The electrical energy wired into the walls of your kitchen is there, but you tap into it only when you plug in and use an appliance. We all have an unlimited supply of latent energy that can be converted to kinetic energy the instant we plug into it by identifying our Core Desires.

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Jack M. Zufelt is a bestselling author and has achieved worldwide recognition for teaching people the true cause of all achievement. His life's mission is to impart the truth about-and dispel the myths surrounding-success and achievement. Want to achieve better results? How about live a fuller life with more happiness, joy, and satisfaction? Discover Jack's DNA of Success and live the life you've always wanted... Click Here ->