Are core values just a buzz term or do they have the power to change your life? Take a look at how you can achieve personal empowerment and become who you were meant to be by using your core values for positive life change.

Learn to Love Your Core Values

Let’s start at the beginning: identifying your core values so that you can live them. After all, you have to “be” before you can take the action of doing what’s necessary to make a positive change. You must first learn how to be the person who honors her core values.

Taking action is the second part of this initial step. Start by getting into the right frame of mind. What do you believe about yourself? Are those beliefs aligned with your core values? If not, that’s the first change that needs to occur. Believe you have the ability to change then concentrate on giving your core values the respect they are due.

Remember to stay true to your Self. You may think you want to become a politician but certain aspects of the job don’t align with your core values – so focus on a different career goal. Don’t be hypocritical. Staying true to your core values will allow you to take the right action at the right time naturally.

You are Responsible for Your Self

The next step is understanding that you are the only one who is responsible for your own happiness and fulfillment. It’s often tempting to blame others when we don’t feel as if our lives are perfect. But personal empowerment is all about personal responsibility. No, you can’t change other people and you can’t pick your family, but you can change how you respond to their words and actions.

Conversely, be careful with your own words and actions because they are strictly your responsibility. What you say to others and what you do are absolutely within your power. Don’t let someone else goad you to the point of acting against your core values because you will regret it. Instead of blaming them for pushing your buttons, do what is necessary to change your own behavior. That is real empowerment!

Change is Constant

One thing to keep in mind as you go about making positive life change is that there is really no end to the process. Even after you’ve come to terms with your core values and begun to live them in every aspect of your life, change doesn’t – or shouldn’t – stop. It’s a lifelong commitment. After all, life is a series of constant changes and you need to change with it.

Part of taking responsibility for your life change is realizing that the process of fulfilling your core values is bound to change while you, as a person, change. What you enjoyed doing back when you were a child is not necessarily what is gratifying to your life now. You are a wonderful, beautiful, work in progress!

Core values are the essential building blocks to achieving personal empowerment. Becoming fulfilled is all about planning goals and empowerment allows you to achieve them. Isn’t it time you got in touch with your core values and allowed your Self to live the life she truly wants?

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