During a recent releasing call, a woman brought up an important issue of her ego being awake and that it was bringing up a lot of negativity. She mentioned she had called the Helpline although still needed additional support. Good for this woman’s persistence to keep working through the matter by choosing to release. This type of situation happens to all of us regardless if we are a new releaser or an experienced releaser. When this happens, things we can do to work through this scenario includes our first seeing that we are in fear. Welcome the fear! It’s coming up to leave. Remember fear is not our friend. Fear is an emotion in AGFLAP. Fear is extremely negative. When we are in fear, chances are there are one or more “I can’t” programs running; followed by “I won’t” programs. The more we practice releasing, the better we can handle our ego during situations like the woman shared during the call. That’s why Larry Crane reminds us, “Releasing is a skill!” In courageousness, we make a decision that when our ego starts acting up we decide that we are in charge. Just by saying “I’m the boss! I’m in charge!” we begin to challenge ourselves and begin moving towards positive. Could it get any better?

If we are letting our fear run us, we know that we are not releasing. When we are in fear, we are wanting control and wanting to change things. We are disapproving of ourselves because of not knowing how to deal with the negativity that is coming up. We desperately want to be safe and also want to be separate. We try distracting ourselves with food, alcohol, taking a nap, running to the mall, talking on the phone, playing on the computer, or doing other things to avoid dealing with the matter that is coming up. We are also trying to figure out what to do. None of this works. If we are resisting, we are struggling. Lester Levenson says, “What we resist, will persist!” Our resistance is what is keeping us stuck. Could it get any better? After we face our fear and this situation of our ego acting up, after we’ve scared the heck out of ourselves, we quickly learn what to do the next time so that we are in control. After making the decision to move into CAP, we can let go of disapproving of ourselves and begin to give ourselves love and approval. We can let go of disapproving of the fear. We can let go of disapproving of our ego. We can let go of disapproving of the situation. Taking appropriate action to work through these types of experiences requires us to move towards positive. Moving towards negative keeps us stuck in negativity. Releasing is not about torture or pain of any kind. If your body is hurting, notice this immediately and let go of disapproving of the pain. Saying “YES” to the pain is moving towards the resistance. Giving ourselves permission to let the pain be there is coming from acceptance. We acknowledge the pain and allow it to be there and the pain begins to dissolve. Could it get any better? Yes! We keep letting go of figuring it out. The “Unstuck Roadmap” exercise and the “General Releasing Sheet” are in our workbooks, as are many other exercises to help us release and be in control.

Our ego is a system of memories and feelings built on top of each other. These feelings are based on our past decisions, which were made at times, when we weren’t discriminating. These past decisions include various layers of AGFLAP, wanting approval, wanting control, and wanting to be safe. Deeper layers include wanting to be separate and resistance. The layers of our ego is revealed to us based on things we are working on, or perhaps something we recently heard or saw that triggered our fear. Often times, we find that we are protecting ourselves with fear because we want to be safe. Holding in mind lacking safety, is opposite of what we want. So we have to let go of wanting to be safe. Again, could it get any better? Yes! If we logically understand the layers or components of our feelings, we can begin to remove the threat and witness these situations as previous decisions. Once we see the program(s) running we can be done with a major part of this negativity. As our releasing skills improve, we realize that when our ego is acting up, it is showing us that we hit a pocket of negative energy. This energy is coming up so we can release the limitations. Each time we release wanting approval, wanting control, or wanting to be safe, we are letting go of 1-ounce of negativity across the board in each of these areas. In releasing, we learn to be objective. Being positive, means we know what to do at times when our ego is acting up so that we can be in control. Lester suggests our spending an equal amount of time in releasing, and in giving ourselves love and approval. By avoiding giving ourselves love and approval, without a doubt, we too will face enormous amounts of negativity when our ego wakes up and begins bringing up negative stuff.

Lester got rid of all of his non-loving feelings. He gave us step-by-step instructions on how we can do the same for ourselves. He asked, “Could it get any better?” If we stop and ask ourselves this one question while dealing with any negative situation, we are looking towards positive. So ask yourself, “Could it get any better?” Of course things can get better in all areas of lives as there is no limit to being positive. Could our finances get better? YES! Could our relationships get better? YES! Could our health get better? YES! Could our releasing skills get better? YES! It’s easy to see Lester had no resistance to challenging himself to be positive. He held in mind what he really wanted. He said, “I’m not stopping until I get all of the goodness that’s available to me!” So again, “Could it get any better?” Absolutely! We can always ask Lester for guidance. We can trust that we can handle whatever comes up as we know we are not our ego. Ask yourself these questions, “Is there such a thing as the past? Is there such a thing as the future? Remember, love is the answer to all issues.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

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