Sometimes you analyze that when you take carpet cleaning then it will shrink because they are usually made of a polypropylene fibers and jute backing. This material doesn’t hold onto moisture and all the material should be sinking on the bottom of the pile and makes the carpet shrink. When the carpets were shrinked then these are due to the absorption of high humidity. In the case of shrinking, heat plays a huge factor in the shrink factor of wool carpeting. Once the temperature reached above 100 degrees with high humidity it’s like two times the shrinkage factor. When your carpet shrinks then this should be done by using strong chemicals. But at that time when you hire a cleaner who knows and has experience with cleaning natural fiber carpets then it takes special know how to care for natural fibers. It is important for you as an owner to know what type of carpeting you have not just for professional cleaning purposes but also for do-it-yourself spot cleaning. If you are unaware from that what your carpet is made of be sure to tell your carpet cleaning professional so they can help you determine that.

When you hire cheap professional cleaning services then they use that type of machines those won’t be able to extract enough water from the carpet, which could also responsible to shrink as it dries. Sometimes there were most of cleaners who apply too much pre-spray cleaning agents, or too much water in the rinsing action. When the jute backing which the face fibers are woven onto gets super wet then it swells up and also expands and breaks the structure of the carpet, causing it to contract and shrink.

Causes of Shrinking of Carpet:-

• When you use too much hot water to clean the carpet then it will also cause shrinkage. When professional carpet cleaning chooses steam cleaning then it uses a combination of hot water and shampoos to clean rugs. While this system might sound great for removing dirt, it creates as many problems as it solves. By using of too much hot water, can cause carpet fibers to shrink.

• When there should be excessive soaking in your carpet then it is only the common cause of shrinkage. When there were deep stains then it may pose problems for some cleaning companies, and they will try to remove them by prolonging the cleaning process or using more soap and water.

Methods to avoid carpet Shrinkage:-

It is more important for you that you have to cleaning your carpet in right manner. So it is your responsibility that you have to always choose right cleaning company who have extensive knowledge and use latest technologies equipments. If the company is trained and licensed then they also shows that they will reliably get your work done. In addition to this, if you work with a company who has the right tools to do the best work, you’ll probably save yourself a lot of trouble. A trained company will always check beforehand if the carpet is compatible with the methods and tools that are being used, so if you’re unsure, make them check it out before the cleaning.

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