BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is a three-year undergraduate course which deals with the various facets of computer applications. The degree in itself is really lucrative and proficient, but it further proceeded by a Masters’s degree or a short-term course can yield you a lot more benefits. This read will help you know about the popular courses which you can join after the completion of your BCA degree.

In the present scenario, the large number of the program are offered associated with IT or computer fields. They are distinct from their course structure, time period like short term/full-term / regular as well private, so candidates have an opportunity to pick any of them. After completing BCA, there are a plethora of different options. One can select them as per their interest, and the career opportunities offered accordingly.

The Full-Time Postgraduate Courses Offered After BCA
MCA (Master of Computer Application)

MCM (Masters in Computer Management)

PGDCA (Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications)

MIM (Master’s Degree in Information Management)

ISM (Information Security Management)

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

A Short-Term Courses Offered After BCA involve

Air Net
VB and Web Development

Note- The short-term courses are mostly for the students who are not willing to pursue masters or ones who cannot afford to do the masters, or for those who are working but want some assistance to enhance their knowledge base as well as a resume. But, if you are someone who can pursue a master's without any issues, then it's beneficial to go for a master's other than the short courses.

Which are the best options to pursue after BCA?

MCA and MBA are the main courses that are chosen after BCA. These courses have different career prospects and course nature; thus, one can select them as per their priority and preference. Here is a short description of both the courses for insights.

Overview of Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Masters of Business Administration or MBA is the course for the students who want to pursue their career in business administration. Entrepreneurship is also a significant aspect among students who consider an MBA degree. Although the MBA degree comes with a whole lot of specializations if the student wants to pursue the IT and Computers field only then he/she can opt for MBA - IT program.

Career Prospects after MBA

Business/IT Alignment
IT Financial Management
IT Governance
IT Service Management
IT Configuration Management
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Information Officers
IT Directors
IT Managers

Overview of Masters of Computer Application (MCA)

Masters of Computer Application (MCA) is a continuation course for the students who have done BCA as the two-year undergraduate course helps students become a programming pro after completing the degree program. In the course along with the computers, the secondary subjects which are thought are mathematics, business management, business application, and system software, etc.

Career Prospects after MCA

Software Engineer
Software Consultant
Database Administrator
Network Engineer
Test Engineer
System Analyst
Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Prospects After BCA

If you do not want to study after BCA and desire to work immediately after completing the degree, then also there are a plethora of opportunities for the individuals. There are a varied number of job roles available for the BCA aspirants in both the public and private sectors.

The Private Job Prospects Include-

System Engineer
Software Engineer
System Administrator
Software Developer
Web Developer, etc.

The Private Top Recruitment Companies Include -


The Government Top Recruitment Companies Include -

Indian Air Force
Indian Navy
Indian Army
BCA is one of the best and the most popular courses, hope this read would have helped you know a bit more vividly regarding the current and the future prospects of the course.

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