There are many techniques that one masters in hypnosis and can use in order to communicate with his patient. Among these techniques, some are named Covert Hypnosis. These types of techniques allow you to cast a certain “spell” over an individual’s mind without that person understanding or realizing it.

But make no mistake! We are not talking about forceful techniques! There are many ways in which you can influence a person in a very non-invasive way. Many politicians, advertisers and performers use these techniques in order to relate to their audience. These techniques also allow you to build relationships with the members of your audience.

It does not matter whether you are a charismatic person or not. These techniques will help you without a doubt.

Here are the first 3 essential things to be taken into consideration:

The Rapport

These types of techniques allow you to establish connections with your subjects. You are allowing them to feel at ease and to not be afraid to explain their dreams and fear with you.

It is about making the other person feel like in their natural habitat, to feel free. Only in this way you will manage to influence them and reach their subconscious. But you know that people are suspicious and it is not easy to influence someone you know. Sometimes it is very hard to influence a friend. Imagine doing that with a stranger. So, observation is the key. Looking into details and observing the body language is very important.

Having a Way with the Words

Words are the manner in which we express ourselves and knowing how to use them can be a huge advantage. So try to master the art of conversation and you will have much to gain from it. It will be much harder for them to turn you down.

Suggestion Usage

The daily routine makes us expect the same things each day. But you can break free from the routine very easily. This is done by taking people out of their comfort zone. Make them face the unfamiliar, the unexpected. You will see that as soon as you do that, people will be more receptive to your suggestions. They will be open to the new.

Even if these are the 3 basis of covert hypnosis, not anyone who reads them can instantly become a convert hypnotist. It takes time, patience and a lot of practice.

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