Cracow University of Technology: Embryonic a Passion for Scientific Learning
Higher education system is more open now and allowing students to explore their area of interest. For students, there are ample of opportunities to explore, helping them to nurture their skills and talents. Further, Prof. Jerzy Zajac, Vice-Rector for Education believes students should always look for gaining more experience allowing themselves to travel, take part in various exchange program conducted by the schools at different levels. Likewise, students should develop a keen interest in finding right kind of internship at a global company and cultivate with wide international experience.
Jerzy Zajac is also professor at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Cracow University of Technology, Poland. Currently, he serves as the Vice-Rector for Education of the university. He has received his MSc, PhD and DSc from Cracow University of Technology. His main research activities are split into two categories: (i) manufacturing and production systems; and (ii) underwater robotics. He has focused on modeling, simulation, optimization and control of manufacturing systems; information integration in production systems; and underwater bio-inspired robots. Further he advisses students, “Remember what you publish on your social media because it is public. Your future employers may check your social media during the recruitment process. Remember that learning is a lifelong process. You never stop learning – even if you think you do.”
Offering International Exchange Program
Understanding the importance of practical knowledge, education system is gradually progressing towards more hands on knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. Addressing the similar issue, Cracow University of Technology also lays more emphasis on practical knowledge. Furthermore, students also have shifted their focus towards learning from beyond the classroom learning and to enhance their skills. During their education at Cracow University of Technology, students have the ample of opportunities to participate in the internships at companies and some of the lectures given by the experts/practitioners from global companies. These are some of the biggest advantages of joining higher education institution such as Cracow University of Technology where it helps in building a bright future career.
Cracow University of Technology combines learning with the possibility of participating in internships at local and global companies as well as in cultural and sports events. It has modern laboratories (i.e. Malopolska Laboratory of Energy Efficient Building is currently the most modern energy efficient laboratory in Europe), renowned domestic and foreign professors with practical knowledge and international experience. It offers wide range of international exchange programs. The diplomas offered by the university are internationally recognized. Furthermore, it guarantees high quality of European education confirmed with accreditations i.e. the Royal Institute of British Architects and the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education.
High Quality Teaching Techniques Equals Global Ranking
Students choose Cracow University of Technology as it offers a wide variety of study programs with high quality of teaching techniques and modern laboratories. It is one of the good ranking placed among Polish universities. Excelling in the education sector, Cracow University of Technology listed in many international ranking. In 2019, it was listed in Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 – Mechanical Engineering, 2019 QS World University Ranking, The Three University Missions Rankings 2019. Last year, it was listed in UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2018. It was also listed as 2020 Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Rankings.

Carrying Forward the Tradition
Founded in 1945, Cracow University of Technology (PK) is a public university with almost 80 years tradition of educating engineers. PK comprises 8 faculties with 30 majors of study accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee, at 7 faculties studies are available also in the English language. The majors taught by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture are accredited by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education. Moreover, the Architecture major is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the major in Landscape Architecture earned accreditation of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Europe. Currently nearly 14,000 students are taking full-time, part-time and Ph.D. studies as well as post-graduate studies with nearly 1,100 academic teachers overseeing their education.
A Blend of Modern and Traditional Programs
Over the years, world became more open, including educational sector. Following this change, from the academic year 2014-2015, Cracow University of Technology opened its first program fully taught in English at the Faculty of Architecture. Widening its studies, currently, it offers 12 programs in English on first (bachelor) and second (master) cycle of studies. Cracow University of Technology offers a wide range of English-taught programs and courses for international students. They have access to the online platform Moodle which leads to e-learning system so they have easy access to study materials any time. It has widely developed structure of international cooperation. Besides Erasmus+ agreements with over 413 universities we have more than 150 bilateral agreements with universities in over 50 countries.
Addressing the International Students
PK has adapted its educational offer addressed to international students also in the field of students exchange. Delegates from the University attend many educational fairs all over the world and it has been concluding strategic bilateral agreements with foreign universities in the area of student/staff exchange, joint research and publications and even double degrees. Additionally, it wants to promote the university overseas, with particular emphasis on Latin American countries. Also, knowing the importance of English language all over world, Cracow University of Technology wants to expand its English-taught courses and degree programs (also double degree programs with foreign partner universities), broaden the current research areas, increase internationalization of the University and strengthen its domestic and international position.
Providing Equal Placement Opportunities
Cracow University of Technology is a technical University. The main interests of the candidates taking admission is focused on science and engineering. The college understands the passion of the students who want to study different programs and who want to excel in them. As of now, more than 80,000 students have successfully graduated from Cracow University of Technology. The alumni have triumphantly placed at various public and private companies, national and international enterprises, government administration and also at universities and research institutes.

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