It's important and valuable to have life direction. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion about how to create or connect with your personally inspired vision for life. In this article, I hope to provide some insight in just what a life vision comprises, and the qualities of a life vision that will inspire and motivate you and others around you.

Some of the confusion is around the concepts we call vision, purpose and mission statements. What I've come to realize is that a life vision is much more expansive and powerful than either purpose or mission. Purpose and mission are necessarily more narrow and tend to include aspects of measurement and comparison or judgment. Whereas, vision does not include these. Vision does provide direction, AND it opens widely and takes you beyond the land of measurements.

A vision is actually a "view" or image of what truly inspires you. It's a big picture of the greater possibilities for your life. When you create a life vision (or rather get in touch with it, because spiritually, it is already there waiting for you to access it) it becomes the inspiration for your every action and focus. It is the view that will help you create meaningful goals and action plans.

A life vision is unlimited because it isn't a finite landing place. Rather it is a strong launching pad. It will contain possibilities for expansion and growth and development as it fosters new ideas and openings. Most importantly, a meaningful life vision will inspire you and others to take action.

Furthermore, a Life Vision is a powerful picture or image that when held in mind it can actually transform your state of mind. It has the power to expand the mind into the realm of greater possibility and inspiration. It energizes and uplifts your state of being into the higher realm of potential, joy and creativity. It also takes you out of the realm of right and wrong and judgment and comparisons. It brings you into a space of mindful living and present moment creativity. It isn't a "future" reality. It can be seen and felt here and now.

Here are three steps to help you begin to access your life vision. You can use these for any aspect of your life - health, relationships, career, spirituality, etc.

1) First, enter into a meditation that brings you out of the realm of your day-to-day concerns and into the space of being mindful and peaceful. This is the space where we can here the voices of our higher selves.
2) Let yourself begin to imagine the highest possibility for your life, letting your creativity expand into pictures that you can actually see, taste and feel as they come alive in your imagination
3) Write down what you see - describe the picture. Describe the view of "how it is" in the realm of possibility.

To help you with this, here is a portion of my life vision.

I see that with Mindful Life Coaching, my clients are powerfully supported for personal and spiritual growth and transformation, so that they may face life's challenges with courage and wisdom and create their lives with meaning, vision and joy through mindful living. I see my clients’ positive spiritual growth and living more mindfully and joyfully as a ripple effect, spreading out to bless others - children, spouses, friends, parents, co-workers, communities, the world.

Enjoy creating your life vision and your life!

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Brook Montagna, Life Coach, specializes in coaching individuals and groups to deepen their experience in life, to live boldly, and to manifest personal and professional success. Brook's coaching is grounded in mindfulness and helps clients develop focus, awareness, acceptance, peace and joy. If you are interested in working with Brook, schedule your free initial consultation at Learn Mindfulness Practice and Tips at Mindful Way of Life.