With all the turmoil in the world it’s very easy to get off track or out of balance with one’s life. The truth is, even when there’s little turmoil, it’s still easy to become out of touch with what’s really important in one’s life.

So, when experiencing this disconnectedness, how does one get back on track? Or, better yet, how does one keep themselves on track in the face of all the turmoil and stress in the world?

I can’t and won’t tell anyone else how to live life. I simply don’t have enough information about another person to make any judgment about what is best for that person. However, I do have experience transforming my own life from one filled with fear, depression and stress to one full of love, joy and peace!

I did this by creating what I call, a Soulful Life! So, what is that, exactly? Well, I define a soulful life as one lived from the perspective of my Soul, my true self. It can just as easily be called living from one’s heart. The heart is one’s connection with the soul and with All That Is.

As I reached a point in my life where I began experiencing balance and harmony again after a very long period of stress and conflict, I was able to look back and see the process that had brought me to this place. I was able to identify the steps I went through to reach my joy and happiness.

Later, as I talked with others who experienced their own personal transformations, I found these steps to be pretty universal. Others might refer to them differently, but they were essentially the same. Realizing this, I determined that I had a formula for streamlining the process of transformation for others.

This is not about telling someone how to live life, but rather how to utilize these steps to build a foundation and then create a life aligned with one’s true self, true purpose, in this life. I found that by creating a life based from my soul’s perspective, I remain unaffected by outside influences in my life. I no longer experience anxiety, depression or stress as a burden or heavy weight in my life.

By creating a soulful life, I have found peace in my life. I am happy and I experience balance and harmony with all aspects of my life. It’s such a dramatic change from just a decade ago that I feel as though I’m a completely different person now. The truth is, I’m just finally being me, fully and wholly me!

So, exactly what is this process? How did I get here?

As I said, I have identified a process for change. In my observation and experience, I’ve found 7 specific steps for transforming any aspect of one’s life. In fact, this process will ultimately transform all aspects of one’s life if followed and put into practice. It can’t help but change one’s whole being.

These steps, as I have defined them, are:

1. Know Your Self
2. Accept Your Life
3. Trust Life
4. Live Honestly
5. Live Consciously
6. Share Your Self
7. Love Unconditionally

This is not a process whereby one graduates from one step to the next, but by which one builds a solid foundation from which to expand and grow. Each step is added to the previous, but the process is continuous in nature. It is not about getting it done, but rather moving ever forward, evolving and growing.

The key is in the first step, Know Your Self. This is about getting in touch with who you really are, what’s important to you, what ignites your passion, what brings you joy. Only when one connects with the Self, the Soul, can one know and live a life of real happiness, fulfillment and peace. This is the foundation for creating a soulful life.

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Pat Benage is a Transformation Coach specializing in helping people become who they truly wish to be. After coming through a 2 decade long depression, finally finding peace and joy in his own life, Pat decided to use his experience to benefit others struggling with their own life challenges. He developed a 7 step process for connecting with the Soul's true desires and making that the focus of living this human experience. This is creating, A Soulful Life, lived from the perspective of one's Soul rather than one's physical being.