Instead of reaching for an energy drink during your afternoon energy lull, take a relaxing breath and gaze at your Vitality Vision Board.

Studies by several Universities were recently covered by Journal of Environmental Psychology and Scientific American. In the studies, researchers were evaluating the effect of nature on levels of energy and vitality in the participants.

One study focused specifically on if seeing pictures of nature had the same increase in levels of energy as the actual experiencing of nature though a walk or setting. The study did conclude that participants felt the same increase in vitality after seeing images of nature as those who had been exposed to nature.
As we know, Vision Boards and visioning are powerful tools.

These types of scientific studies continue to lend to the credibility of using these tools to make our dreams come true. Many of us have experienced success with vision boards and for those who have not, think about watching a scary movie. You know it is just imagery on the screen; but that doesn’t stop you from jumping or being startled during the scary scene.

This brain reaction is what can make vision boards so powerful and how one can experience an increase in vitality and energy just by viewing their Vitality Vision Board. It will give the same increase in energy and mental uplift as a walk in the park.

What is a Vitality Vision Board? Like a traditional vision board, it is a collection of images gathered in a collage on a poster board. (Or for those using digital versions, it can be wallpaper or a screensaver.) The Vitality Vision Board however has the theme of Nature – it is one who’s “dream” or purpose is to create vitality and energy.

Creating a Vitality Vision Board is similar to creating any vision board.

1. Gather up your magazines -- for this vision board magazines such as travel, family and outdoor types will offer the greater nature images; posterboard and glue (or rubber cement).
Note: if the board will be used near your desk or in an office, you may want to adjust the size.

2. With magazines gathered, take a moment to take a deep relaxing breath. Think nature! Think green, growing plants, flowing water, blooming flowers.

Nature exudes vitality! Growing, flowing, and blooming are words which all represent positive energy.

3. Now, page though your magazines and tear out the pages of images that make you FEEL the energy. Avoid choosing images of people running, exercising, etc. They are expending energy and we want the board to REVITALIZE your energy and vitality.

4. Once you have collected enough images to fill your board with a few to spare, start to place them on the board. Shuffle and reshuffle until they are placed in a pleasing arrangement for you.

Try for placements that show the energy flowing toward the center of the board. Show growing plants moving upward, reaching for the sky. For many, the more natural placements will be with the sky at the top and images of forests, ground, etc at the bottom. However, shuffle them until you are comfortable with their placement and it “feels” right.

5. Cut and trim your images and arrange for final placements.

6. The final touch before gluing your images is to place a picture of YOU in the center. Find a picture of yourself, headshot or in nature is ideal, and place it in the center of your Vision Board.

7. Glue your images in place and enjoy!

Author's Bio: 

Marian Brown is a Certified Vision Board Counselor and Assistant Director of the Vision Board Boot Camp. Her website is