Perceptions are based only on what our senses tell us. They aren't always accurate and most certainly can fool us. Independent of reality, perceptions are powerful, for they determine how we experience life. The placebo effect is a great example which demonstrates this amazing truth.

From the beginning of life, our perceptions get stored away as subconscious memory, forever recorded as perceived. This means that perceptions from early childhood influence how we interpret life as we mature. Independent of accuracy, old perceptions continue to be used as a future point of reference, determining who we are and how we relate to the world around us.

Many people are carrying around adverse ideas from their past,living beliefs which are counterproductive to what they really want. This occurs independent of a person's age or their intelligence.

Rather than reacting in old, outdated ways, when we begin to explore our inner perceptions and beliefs we can choose what we want to create for our self. This skill begins with a desire to experience life in ways that are congruent and pleasing with who we really are. Then, with awareness, we can take a moment to pause and reassess what we are thinking and what we are ultimately creating. We can step into a place of personal empowerment.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate how you can make these changes for yourself. Once you become aware of reacting to a situation differently than you want to, you can ask yourself the following questions. You can add your own pertinent ideas as you progress.

* Who taught you to see things in this way? How? Why?
* What do you know about this person's past that could influence them to respond in this way?
* What experiences have you had that reinforce these ideas?
* Are these interpretations based in fact or are they based in perception?
* What do you believe to be true for yourself now that you are older? Why?

Some examples are:
1. Fear of there not being enough. / Looking at what you don't have.

CHANGE TO: “There is plenty for everyone including me. I am grateful for what I do have.”

2. Stress of not having enough time. / Feeling hurried or overwhelmed.

CHANGE TO: “I have all the time in the world right now. Every moment is deliberate and I am at ease.”

3. Fear of living alone. / Expecting this to happen.

CHANGE TO: “There are many different people in the world including those who find me pleasing. I am ready to share my life with someone who appreciates me and who I can appreciate.”

4. Fear of becoming ill. / Focusing on trying not to become ill.

CHANGE TO: “My body is healthy and at peace. I do my part and I give my body what it needs to create balance. This includes taking time to relax and enjoy my life.”

Some other ideas for creating positive changes in perceptions:
I'm afraid that ________________________
CHANGE TO: I trust that _________________________

I wish that ___________________________
CHANGE TO: I choose to_________________________

Living congruently between our own mind and body creates an internal sense of peace. When we take time to reassess what is occurring inside of our being, we can choose how we want to respond in life. This is empowering, it feels good, and it strengthens our immune system.

Author's Bio: 

Roberta Swartz has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist for over thirty years. She enjoys educating others and is seeking educational and speaking opportunities for hypnosis organizations and other businesses. Her new self-health book, Me, Myself and Mind is receiving great reviews from hundreds of readers who are now learning to reclaim their health and their life through mind skills of self-hypnosis and self -hypnotherapy.