Medicine is considered to be any number of objects or energies that can help heal physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wounds so that you can continue to evolve and grow as a person. Healing crystals are considered to be a very special kind of medicine. The tradition of using crystals in medicine bags extends to cultures throughout time and in all parts of the globe, including Native peoples from North and South America, as well as healers from many African nations, Europe, and Asia.

Medicine bags are worn to enhance the user’s personal power, and to provide the wearer with guidance, healing energy, luck, and protection. Bags and pouches were traditionally filled with objects that were meaningful to the user and, so, were considered to be very sacred. These objects were honored for their role in personal empowerment. In modern times, medicine bags can be used to provide guidance for your spiritual journey, as your sacred medicine objects and crystals help to connect you to your spiritual nature.

The sacred objects used in your medicine bag may include things like crystals, bones, feathers, stones, shells, or any other objects that are meaningful and sacred to you. The objects you choose may represent different aspects of your life, or they may represent parts of yourself that you want to see grow and develop spiritually.

“Medicine bags traditionally contained a clear crystal…because it has memory and can be programmed. Shamans around the world have always utilized the special power of Quartz for healing purposes” (Zerner 18).

By using crystals, Quartz or others, in your medicine bag, you create a source of energy and power to draw upon for healing work, focus, personal growth, or inspiration. You may choose your medicine stones by their appearance (color, shape, texture, etc.), or by the way that they make you feel (how they affect your emotions, your physical body, your way of thinking, or your sense or spirituality). It is suggested that you choose your stones intuitively, but you may also find it helpful to choose healing crystals based on their known properties.

“It is important to honor the stones you select as the ‘ancient ones’ containing the cosmic pulsations of cosmic wisdom” (Zerner 52).

Once you have selected all of the objects for your medicine bag, it should be easy to see how each of these objects reflects an aspect of yourself. You will find that your medicine bag will feel comfortable as it has your own “personal touch.” Ideally, these pieces of yourself should help to provide support, comfort, and personal empowerment as you continue down your life path.

The materials and design of the actual bag or pouch should also be selected carefully, as the energy of the pouch is equally as important as its contents. You may be attracted to work with a particular color of fabric to bring in the healing energy of that color ray; similarly, you may want to embellish your medicine bag with symbols of a particular deity, power animal, or spiritual guide.

After selecting your bag and cleansing your crystals, you should empower your medicine bag. To do this, place your bag and stones in front of you (it is suggested that you do this in sacred space). Pick up one object or crystal at a time, hold it in your hands, and think about why you have chosen it for your medicine bag. Place the object inside of your medicine bag while holding this intention. Once all of your stones and objects are within the pouch, hold it between your hands and visualize it filling with pure, healing light energy from the Universe. You should then thank the bag and its content for playing a role in your personal healing.

You are now ready to wear your medicine bag. You may choose t wear it daily, for special occasions, or during particularly “rough” patches of your life. Alternatively, you may choose to place the medicine bag on your altar, in a sacred space, or to carry it in a purse or pocket.

As you continue your life’s journey, you may find that you want to add or remove items from your medicine bag. This is to be expected, because as you grow and change, your means of support and empowerment will also naturally grow and change. If you are intuitively guided to change the contents of your medicine pouch, you should trust your inner knowing and make adjustments.

“When used with an attitude of honor and respect, the bag and its contents are able to bring the shaman in touch with powers of his or her innermost being” (Zerner 17).
The more you work with your medicine bag, the more it will begin with vibrate to the frequency of your highest good and with the energy of your spiritual self.

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*Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. The information within this guide is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

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Ashley has been drawn to work with crystals and stones since childhood. After years of self-study, she began earning a number of professional certifications in crystal healing. Ashley Leavy is a Master of Crystology and is Certified and accredited in Melody’s Level I & Level II Love is in the Earth Workshops. She has also studied with Master Crystal Teacher DaEl Walker of the Crystal Awareness Institute. Ashley has earned many other certifications over the years and considers continuing education on the subject to be a top priority. Ashley is also a member of the Global Spiritual & Holistic Association, which strives to support a professional approach and a high standard of practice for ethical and conscientious holistic therapists. In addition to offering healing sessions, Ashley loves to teach and presents a number of in-person workshops as well as correspondences courses on crystal healing. She is also an accomplished, published author and is currently writing a book on crystal healing.
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