Have you found that while aligning your life that you have shifted but your resources have not? One of the great joys of being a conscious entrepreneur is that you absolutely know that you can create the lifestyle you desire.

When I consciously made the decision to not only align my consciousness with what is for my highest good but to align my lifestyle and business as well, I was choosing to create the best life I could live. I didn’t realize how much of an evolutionary process it was going to be and how emancipating it would feel.

At first, it was easier to release what no longer served me than it was to resist wanting to immediately fill that space with something else. But resist I did and by doing so I made a space for the right and perfect resources to show up. Now when I select resources, I intuitively sit with it and tune in energetically. I listen to the energy of the source and feel what it is saying and I am sure that you do the same.

In preparation for beginning the New Year aligned, the last three months of this year are dedicated to conscious choices. This month we will explore business choices and realign or release resources as needed. November we will be all about the lifestyle choices you want to enhance or create. After releasing and visioning, in December we will anchor ourselves with spiritual choices using universal principles to begin 2010 anew. So for the next three weeks block off at least 3 hours out of 168 for business alignment in the following areas.

Your Vision

Revisit your vision, mission and purpose statement. This is the basis upon which you’ve built your business. Sit with it, meditate, let it speak to you. Have you evolved so much that you are no longer the person who created it? Does it still resonate with you? Is it still where your soul longs to go? If you have grown or shifted, should you adjust your vision? Does your vision you have for your life and business complement each other? Is it time to rebrand your business?

Most of all, remember that the answers are within you!

Your Team

Your team consist of your lawyers, coaches, mentors, virtual assistants, personal assistants, bookkeepers, and accountants. Are they aware of your vision and mission? Do they understand the core concepts of your business? Are they capable of sharing your concept and vision?

This can be very important because if your relationship was built on a very structured corporate foundation and you have now shifted to a more spiritual, intuitive and holistic practice then you may no longer speak the same language. It could be the difference of completing tasks or fulfilling your life purpose. At first this may seem frustrating but remember whichever approach you are using the right and perfect person is available and waiting to support you.

Mentors and coaches will inspire you and help you get to where you are going. One of the reasons you choose them is because they can often see what you are not yet able to. Be sure that you have the current level of consciousness to receive what that coach has to share and that they can take you where you want to go.

Another area to reflect upon is if you feel that you are working with the right team member but there is still resistance could it be that they are shifting and growing as well? This may be the perfect time for them to spread their wings and follow their path for their greater good.

Your Resources

Your resources include everything that you use from email to social networking sites, home study systems, shopping carts and even joint ventures.

Were you a member of the “bright shiny object club” and realized that what shines brightest is you? Are you using all of the resources you’ve signed up for or are they filling up you bookcases and inbox waiting to be purged and deleted? Most of all, do you resonate with the choices that you have made? Are they user and customer friendly?

Have you embraced social media? Have you noticed any that you are resistant to? If so, take a moment and instead of following what is popular, make your own decision on which one feels right to you. If you are like me, I connect with some more than others.

Because joint ventures can both benefit and effect the overall consciousness of your business, take special consideration when making this conscious choice. You are recommending them to your prospects, clients and your entire list. What is the venture based on? Money, values and vision?

So, I invite you to take at least three hours this coming week, 36 minutes each work day to make conscious choices, review your vision and align your life!

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