There are a couple of undeniable facts which one has to appreciate when embarking upon a weight loss program. It is abundantly clear if you are overweight is that to cut back upon calories input should help you to lose weight as should an increase in energy usage - more exercise. These are the bare basics of the issue. But there is something else which underpins this physical reality; you have to be willing to partake of the necessary steps to enable effective weight loss.

Human beings do what they want to do. This means that you have to make your own decision to take control of your eating and exercise routines. It has to be a real decision, one which involves clear commitment. In just taking this first step, you will be taking the most difficult step of all. You see, many would-be dieters do not take this step; they bypass it, and this is why so many diets fail. Unless you have made your own decision, coupled with a dedicated commitment, it would be very difficult to lose weight effectively. You will do what you choose to do.

In creating an effective weight loss program, as you bear in mind that you will only do what you want to do, the question to ask yourself is whether you are willing to follow this program or that? Do those rules appeal to you? There are hundreds of weight loss programs around and all will work for a certain number of people and yet not for others. A particular diet will work for you this year but not the net year and this s due to your attitude; your willingness to follow the rules.

This is why you should set your own rules and create your own weight loss program. If you set the rules, then you will be a willing participant and will lose weight easily. I met a gentleman the other day who had lost nearly 100 pounds in seven months on his own self-devised weight loss regime. He said "It's easy; I just have 1500 calories a day. I haven't cut anything out. I've built in one day a week when I can have a blow out; sometimes I do, sometimes I don't." That's it; one man's very effective diet with rules he was willing to live with.

The conversation we had lead to me wondering why more people don't create their own diet? After all, you yourself are more intimately aware of how your body functions than anyone else could ever be. You know what feels good or bad, what tastes good or bad, and also at what point you feel satisfied. Unless you are one of the minorities these days who have little knowledge of what constitutes good nutrition, then you are more than capable of creating your own weight loss program. In doing so you will elicit from yourself a greater level of commitment than you would give to someone else's program, purely because you are in the driving seat instead of merely being a passenger on this train.

The fact remains that the one most important factor which determines whether a weight loss program will work or not is your own level of commitment to it. A diet has to be do-able by you, not just do-able by hundreds or thousands of others. You are unique so why not create your own unique weight loss program?

This would also explain the high success rate found by followers of hypnosis weight loss programs. Hypnosis helps you get your mind around the subject of weight loss and to get clearly focused upon your goal - to lose weight and achieve your perfect weight in a way which suits you. Hypnosis is a state of mind which is relaxing and also allows access to your subconscious mind. This part of your mind is the part which acts automatically and spontaneously; it is the part which plays host to habits.

With a little help from hypnosis you can relax and embed your clear and focused plan to lose weight within your subconscious mind, enabling your self-determined rules to become habitual and automatic. This makes your own weight loss program even easier to follow and therefore far more likely to be successful.

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