Women the world over have power. It doesn’t matter where she reside or her circumstances, she has the power to be a leader in many different ways, no matter how large or small they may seem, from using that power in the corporate headquarters to her child’s nursery. Leadership ability is the best possible way to bring about that change.

Often when I am coaching women, I find the majority of them don’t really understand that they even have power of their own, let alone how to use it to its fullest and greatest potential. Many women feel their only role in leadership or bringing about change is in a non-active way. That is certainly not the case!

Women as Creators

We are all creators, each and every one of us. We need to help each other in order to fully be ourselves. Our differences highlight each of our strengths and help offset our weaknesses.

Although it has changed quite a bit in many ways, there is still an undercurrent of patriarchal values which have taught us that women’s creativity is secondary. Even women tend to forget that they are the beings who create life itself. We carry the next generation inside of us, making sure we are protecting it, nurturing it, and helping it grow to its fullest potential.

We do the same with creative ideas – we protect them, nurture them and help them grow. Once it is brought into the world – be it a child or a creative idea - that ability to create is shown in us not only in our mothering instincts but in our desire to make the world a better place. It doesn’t matter if it is our families, our communities or even across the globe. Ancient cultures didn’t personify the earth by referring to her as Mother Earth or Mother Nature for nothing.

Women as Leaders and Agents of Change

Not only do women have the ability to take an active role to do something about the things that need to be changed, our power is ever increasing. It is much easier than ever to communicate with and learn from each other. And when two or more women gather, even in the cyber world, to exchange ideas they have the ability to start a massive change and to do it with womanly efficiency. If one of the core values that fulfills a woman’s life includes having a powerful leadership role, it’s so important to know that you already have the resources you need within you.

Maybe your core values are centered around your family and home life and focuses nowhere near the spectrum of a leadership role. This is another form of leadership that is no less powerful or important. Take a moment to think about this: why are women effective at bringing about change? It centers back to our ability to create – to be the mother who nurtures our young, as well as ours and others’ creative ‘children’. It doesn’t matter where that creativity happens; we, as women, are leaders at home, in the boardroom, and at the PTA meeting. All of the ways you change things for the better have a ripple effect that spreads further and wider than your own circle of influence.

Do you feel more empowered, knowing that as a creator and agent of change you can do anything you dare set your mind to? It doesn’t matter if your goal is to be a stay-at-home mom or corporate CEO, politician or philanthropist, the power to be that leader and proponent of change is within you. Regaining your sense of fulfillment, and of honoring your true Self just might be easier if you set your mind to using your power to set forth a change. As a woman you will always have immense power that comes from creation, so use it. You’re worth it.

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Lori Chance is a collaborative writer and editor specializing in how-to, informational, spiritual, and personal development articles and books. Her self-coaching book for women titled Who Am I? is now available through Amazon and her website. Learn more about finding out who you really are and what you really want, and receive the Top 5 Secrets to Successfully Change Your Life for FREE, by visiting her website and blog at http://www.LoritheChangeAgent.com.