Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions." - Albert Einstein

People define the term, "creative visualization" as a mental technique using your imagination to create what you want in life. Creative visualization can create miracles by just creating images, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We use visualization every day in our life. When we imagine our next vacations or think about our new boyfriend, our new car, new house, our next job … we visualize all kinds of events or things. When we are thinking about negative things, we are visualizing too. These are the things that we don't want to bring to our life.

Creative visualization is a powerful tool, which we need to know how to use correctly and positively. Visualize only the events, situation or objects that you want to bring to your life. The little trick is that you need to visualize them as if you have already attained them.

You can visualize at any time in any place. Some people say the best way to visualize is in a quiet place, with your body relaxed and your eyes closed. And the best time is during the night before sleeping, and in the morning before you awakening because the mind and body are relaxed and receptive.

Steps for a successful visualization:

-Think about EXACTLY what do you want to bring to your life? Be specific. (I want a two-week summer vacation at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas.)

-Create a clear idea, pictures/images.

-Focus your mind on that and be positive.

-Add feelings and emotions. How happy do you feel having that in your life?

-Fake it till you make it! Live it Now!

Techniques of creative visualization:

Positive affirmations and afformations. By repeating your positive affirmations and afformations, you can create images in your mind that help you to visualize the life you want.

Vision Board. Paste images of the things you want to have, be or do in your life on a board. The purpose is to help you remember the things you want to visualize. This is a fun way to visualize and one of my favorites. Keep the vision board in a place where you can see it several times a day.

Your Success Interview. Here, you take the role of a famous, successful person. Imagine you are being interviewed by a famous host like Oprah. Imagine the questions she is asking you: How did you start? What is the key to your success? Who inspires you? What are your next goals? Using this technique allows you to see your goal as attained already and may help you to develop new ideas.

Mind Movies. A very good visualization technique. This is a movie about your dreams and goals, about the life you want to live. It is very fun to make and edit all the images, sound and, sometimes, text. You can include your family, your new house, your next vacation, your successful business and everything you want. Use all the beautiful images and desires to encourage yourself.

An Encouragement Talk. This is a regular conversation. I practice this with my daughter. We talk about the things we want to get. She says a positive affirmation to describe the situations and things, and then I say another affirmation to continue with the conversation and so on.
Something like:
-We live in a beautiful big house in Sierra Madre.
-I’m swimming in the big pool and feeling the fresh water all over my body.
- My dog is running around the pool.
-I can smell the chicken barbecuing in the beautiful cabin next to the colorful garden…
And we finish with a grateful affirmation:
-Thank God for this beautiful house where we live. We're very happy!

I’m sure you can create your own technique to visualize what you want to attract to your life, or make a combination of these explained here. Whatever works for you is good. There are no rules. You are the only one who knows what works for you. Don’t forget to have a true desire, believe and be happy with the results!

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