By summoning creative vision, we can create the life we desire. So, what is creative vision and how do we harness it? Creative vision is information released from the wise and all-knowing source of the subconscious mind meant to inspire us to perform certain acts that are necessary to transform desired goals into realized physical experiences. When we harness our creative vision, we access clear insight from the deepest resource of our subconscious. In the depth of our deep inner mind, our creative vision awaits. To awaken and call forth this creative intelligence is to summon it using our powerful intent.

Intent is powerful. When we call forth creative vision with our intent, we are focused, determined, clear and purposeful. Our intent alone will surface the wisdom of creative vision. The question is how can one recognize it when it surfaces? The valuable insight is communicated to us through the imagination. It is through this vehicle that we successfully communicate to our subconscious and it communicates to us. Once we clearly understand this communication channel between our imagination and our subconscious mind, we can effectively, successfully, and deliberately use it to transform our dreams and goals into reality.

All we need to do is 1) Clearly state a desired intention, 2) arouse supportive emotions and, 3) deliberately focus our thought on the fulfilled outcome that we truly want to experience. These are the most powerful tools that we naturally possess. When we spend a prolonged amount of time each day holding a desired vision, we stimulate, deeply imprint, and give direction to the subconscious mind. In this way, we allow the subconscious mind to receive clear direction for what we truly desire.

In return, the subconscious mind, which knows everything needed to bring about a state of wholeness and well-being, immediately begins to attract all events and situations meant to fulfill the direction we’ve given to it. It literally guides you to be in the right place at the right time to receive all the necessary experiences that will transform your dreams into concrete physical realities.

New ideas and inspired hunches surfacing through your imagination are creative vision! If a new idea surfaces while you’re imagining a desired goal, pay attention! This valuable insight has been deliberately called forth from the depths of your all-knowing deep inner mind!

To recognize creative vision as it surfaces is to practice conscious awareness of every thought in each moment. Notice each thought as it occurs. Practicing this discipline will ensure that you will be able to identify new ideas and hits of inspiration as they arrive from the profound deep inner mind. It is through the creative vision that surfaces from your deep inner mind that all new ideas and inspiration are handed over to man.

Some of our imaginative abilities have become weak due to lack of use. The good news is that this powerful ability can be brought back to life through stimulation and exercise. Deliberate focused thought on images and sensations of a desired experience will serve to nurture your imagination. As you bring your imagination back to life, this fertile platform will help you grow and expand all your dreams.

As we strive to align with our highest potential, we can summon the master mindset of creative vision. Deliberate stating of this intent will allow creative wisdom to surface and expand our visions with a precise clarity. New ideas and inspiration will be released from the wise depths of the subconscious mind. Recognize the insight as it arises and take positive action on it. Small steps of inspired action are the necessary fuel to transform any desired dream into a reality.

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Positive Thought Leader, Intentional Scrapbooking Expert, certified hypnotherapist, international speaker and writer, Elizabeth Pagayonan is dedicated to spreading awareness that scrapbooking can be used as a tool to transform any area of life. Creator of the Intentional Scrapbooking Method™, she shows people how to achieve results by deliberately redirecting thoughts and feelings to create and attract what is truly desired in life. Her first book will be published in 2009, she offers DVD’s, Intentional Scrapbooking Kits™, teleseminar programs, and workshops. Website: