The first step to crystal healing is to meditate with them. Once this practice is established it is easier to in tune yourself to use and feel and see there energies. With many blessing from God, all goes well on this journey.
Laying the crystals on the color codes of the chakras of the body helps the energies of the crystals infiltrate and penetrate and touch deeper into the core of our being, enlightens our soul and makes us feel good and refreshed.
The many myriads of crystals can be overwhelming to a beginner, but with patience and commitment a greater reality is slowly and conveniently observed and practiced in life in general.
The many fields of our nature manifest at varying rates and degrees which are ideal for us by God. It is a wisdom to observe that we are growing and continue to do so in many ways forever.
In this day and age I find it advantageous and definitely healthy to continually cleanse and refresh the aura and energy field with love and light. This will also keep our mind more balanced and in tune to life.
As we relate to our planet in this the coming of the Age of Aquarius, it is advisable to not only keep our energies high, but in tune to the planet and her emotive nature. This is for your own good as well as for that of civilization.
The Earth is a great mother planet looking after many issues. She colors life to thrive for God and His greatness in this cosmic cycle. Being in tune to the stellar energies, which many crystals are, keeps the 'juices flowing nicely'.
By Gods will the crystals enter our life when we are ready for them. They are specifically designed to interact smoothly in our lives. I in tune my crystals to the cosmic grids and Earth stars. I have always been told that I have healing hands. I use my hands to direct and guide conscious love and light into the crystals so that they correlate and radiate this upliftment. This helps them to achieve what is divine guidance for the blueprints of life more positively. Healing hands means a sensitive nature and a sensitive nature means that many wonders may be understood. Healing hands is a great blessing.
When I practice crystal healing work on others, once i have laid stones on energy centers of the body, I proceed to charge up my crystals and move them through the aura, directing this higher light and positive intention. It satisfies not only the hunger of enlightenment of the person who is recieving the crystal energising or healing, but also heightens my need to do good as a crystal healer. It is a win- win situation.
Crystal healing is not like a wonder pill that works over night. It influences and uplifts the energetic nature of the body. This helps us draw higher energy into our life and gives us a space to pause and reconsider our situation so that we may manifest what we need with right purpose and direction. The crystals continually radiate and guide us in good direction that we need for learning on a spiritual path in life. By finding a spiritual path is the foundation of activating healing energies in our bodies. Once we find consciously purpose and direction and good intent in life, we may influence and strive to the better health and fluence potential that is inherent in all of us.
It sometimes feels like our bodies are just asleep to our truer potential. They are like a seed that is dormant. They need the higher keys of love and light that crystal can teach for them to thrive and grow in what is better relevance for our learning nature and spiritual paths. This is when you find that your capacity to heal your life will blossoms in a conscious path to health!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Paula Reilly. I write crystal books that are as yet still unpublished. I channel crystal message spoken word into song. I love to paint mythological creatures and Gods and nudes.