Crystals astound all my sense and never cease to amaze me with new ideas and spiritual adventure, ideas and alternatives. They call on my mind to focus on a purer and more relevant form of reality that is not ignorance and that is not uninfluential. They sparkle a many dillion wavelengths and glisten an ultimate number of feelings .They are heart ,soul, head and device of Spirit. For want of a better explanation, they are alive with beauty and joy for life. They hasten corrector expression of self and teach an infinite number of lessons. Little treasured gifts of God, placed there by His unseen hand, especially for the being in our time of need.
They heal and teach you to heal yourself and others. They foster, nuture, protect, ignite and strengthen. A great many other things too on many other levels. As tough as it gets, the little things they are tougher,and good. They teach you not to trip and stumble blindly upon your path or journey. They are prized in creation and offer goodness in abundance to the good. They help you to work through your karmic debt or load, and lighten the many depths or inertias there related.
That justice is done, that life continues and develops in goodness, that we find our right path for us and that we nourish our souls with there friendships. Crystals correlate to multidimensional realities. They are little "tough nuts" in this coming of the age of aquarius, with its upheaval, turmoil and progressive striving for gooder things. In other ages, crystals may relate differently with different stellar influences and points of identities that we call aligning or influential.
That God truly calls us through these ages with His unseen hand in expansive to that utter yin stagnation of a dormant history. So to great things; saints,Christ, yogis, religions and Gods. All good things of a facet, expressing the love of God. That of enlightened beings and journeying on the path to enlightenment. Of superraces, trials, tribulations and outcomes. Of Nature and her spirits and her guides. To duty and freewill and all things called grace. To all things that correlate to these amazing little gems, both on our path and off of it. To gods little spirit eyes that are truly windows to our soul and that for the better grace of good in this time is why i dedicate my life to studying crystals and there principals.

Author's Bio: 

I am a qualified visual artist. I paint mythological creatures and nudes. I have written crystal and life force energy book for about 7 years. Currently on my jouney, they are still in the process of typing them up to be published. Recently I have been channeling spoken word / poems from the crystals. As i have also studied music at Tafe, i am in the process of designing channeled crystal cd tunes that are up beat and interesting to a large audience. I feel obliged to share my knowledge with the public because it is beautiful as it is beneficial for focusing positivity into life for goodness of all kind. I am also planning a range of spoken word channeled cds that are less musical and more to do with the appreciation of the message.