When you get the new Crystal, Need two after cleaning use would be better, Because when the crystal by the mining, transportation, processing, packaging, process, for sale etc. Will go through a lot of people contact, Their message or energy was stored and record by crystal more or less. Since this crystal that after millions of years later is willing to follow you, Then of course we wanted for their record purified. The following is a mainstream purification method, But each illustration method more or less there will be some of the considerations, Please look carefully, Then select the most suitable for yourself.
(1) Solar irradiation
Crystal placed in the sun for several hours, Let the most powerful force of nature to help clean your crystal. But be sure to remember, This method does not apply to amethyst, citrine or rose quartz, and so on of colored gemstones, Because these crystals are embedded Fe (iron), Cu (copper) and other elements, Prolonged exposure would causes oxidative or Crystal is also easy to change due to high temperatures within the molecular structure of fade.
(2) Low-temperature purification method
Honestly, This is now the most controversial of a purification method. Because the crystal stones are high-density, And there usually exists crackle, After the freezer temperature below zero, Crystal will be tenuous, particular there is some like the K gold, silver, crystal pendant, etc. Because of the different ductility of ores and metal, After a temperature change can be caused some loose by a combination of holes. The other is the crystal after a night in the freezer, Do not want to wear and directly flush immediately, If you do so immediately, Crystal will have a direct danger (If you are not afraid of crystal will be split off), If you use this method you must let him slowly warm the natural solution, This is the most correct. Look at ways, Before sending into the freezer, First sealed with a plastic bag or plastic wrap to seal the crystal (To prevent other foods orders stained crystal, Crystal put the refrigerator overnight, Purifying effect can be on.
(3) Aromatherapy purification method
This is one of the most frequently used method. Put in crystal next to the vaporizer, Light Aroma (Remember to use pure essential oils, Can not use essential oils which add chemicals), the Purification effect can be achieved. However, this method, Relatively long time will be dragged. This method does not apply large crystal ore, because Moving is tiring.
(4) Sea salt purification method
The crystal into the container filled with salt water, through the not processed coarse salt comes out of the ocean atmosphere to achieve the purifying effect, there is no time limited, usually one night or cover 24 hours, rinse the crystal after soaking, In the sun or the shade enjoys his natural dry. However, this method does not apply to other ornaments crystal, For example, packets on the K gold, silver pendant, Or Chinese knot rope fittings, Because the parts will be eroded, Some day worn on the body will suffer a sudden fall.
(5) motive purification method
If crystal through the the master’ blessing of the effect of purification can be also achieved (If you is a long-term practitioners people so much the better), 。If your crystal is hand of a master of the purification of self-cultivation, 。That was quite a blessing to repair, But if it is in the store tell you when to buy such has been the master's blessing, Honestly, ,Better to talk about it after the home to purify, Holding their own in the spare time obsessed with his beloved Crystal Compassion or the Heart Sutra. The effect is really good, Whether the balance of crystal energy or their cultivation is the best election, And there is a considerable advantage, The crystal frequency will be summarized with the complete reunification of their frequency.
(6) Stream purification method
The crystal to be clean in unpolluted streams, Crystal can be purified by the positive energy of nature. But it must be used in streams flowing stream purification, Not to wash the crystal stream home, that no meaning.
(7) Crystal Cave, Cluster purification method
To put in crystal to a natural crystal cave or crystal clusters, Can achieve quite stick purifying effect. Crystal after a full day of wear, putting it be incorporated in the crystal cave or Druids, The vibrational energy out of the crystal cave or Druids comes continuous and stable, Can effectively remove the negative energy within the crystal, And re-charge, Effects can be extremely good. The size of the hole and grain is larger , the effect is stronger, but no need to display dozens of crystal, else the effect would be a discount.
(8) Stream purification method
Mentioned before, But now people in the city are not so easy you going the mountains with an unspoiled stream to purification, so, Open your own home faucet, Within the crystal into a small dish, About ten minutes washing your crystal, Washed and placed in the sun or shade through its dry naturally, This crystal can also be an effective purification.
(9) Earth burial method
The earth burial method is one powerful way to purify, For example, there are sick people at home wear crystal, After all, Crystal is born out of the earth, Crystal places return to the original is the best of its purifying effect, But do remember that if the unspoiled land, Time is not limited, But suggested that more than one month's time will be better. This method has its risks, Is likely that they will forget but can not find where buried, Or with other people become attached, it's would be distressed.
(10) Temple Aromatherapy method
When you go to pray, Taken the crystal temple to purify. Where crystal can feel the magic blessing, And full of good intentions and good ideas. A space is also filled with a positive magnetic field for good. When you pray, Express your own desire to pray, And remember that saying out that that crystal in your hand can be a blessing from the gods, After completing the worship, Above the incense burner front the god, Left three times spin, and then right three times spin, After this, As for the crystal and then slaps hands merger, Sincere thanks to the protection and blessing of the gods, entire purification process finished.
(11) Church Prayer
Because of religious differences, You can also use a different purification methods. In principle, as long as your sincere religious belief, Basically, the effect of its purification could be on. Catholic and Protestant friends, Crystal can be taken to the church, Let God and the Lord's great power to help you read the purification and blessing, If you can scoop holy water washing crystal, Is also a really nice clean power, and when you washing your crystal music on the Gospel song or pray, Have the same function.
(12) Music purification method
If it can be done, Crystal in the music which full of peace and positive space, because the music just like the color, Will bring a different magnetic field and frequency, Recommended music as Buddhist, the Western doctrine of the gospel praise, Nature's Crystal mosaic, etc. Crystal can be charged and purified to the effect of.

Either method of purification, When you put on the moment of crystal, Must fully trust your crystal, Often talk to him, And trust him, Crystal will release even more powerful than the usual power to help you. Because while their own faith in strengthening, The body will automatically release more power than the usual static and the energy, You feel the magnetic field in the crystal will start a more energy than usual to give back to your body, Your all wishes come true!

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