If you know your way around adult games, you’d agree that Cunt Empire is one of the best there is. It is the perfect mix of business and pleasure. This game gives you a taste of how it feels to be the boss, as you get to make big money moves and have the hottest girls work for you.

Cunt Empire boasts of having great features to knock out all other browser games out there.

Here are some of the interesting features of Cunt Empire:

1. The graphics outmatches those of other Games. The clear, attractive visuals are definitely one of the first things to notice while playing Cunt Empire. Characters include famous porn stars as well as imaginary girls with great bodies and background stories. Once you sign in, you are first greeted by Little Caprice, made to look almost exactly like she actually does in real life. She acts as your assistant, guiding you through the course of the game. Liya Silver also makes an appearance, with her massive breasts and tattoos; as well as many other girls designed specially to make your gaming experience pleasurable.

2. The game play and storytelling is incredible. You take the character of a charming man who just got fired from his place of work for screwing your boss’ girl. So you decide to chase your dream, which is to establish the biggest porn empire there is. To achieve this, you have to manage various resources like money, girls, time, and all other things involved in this business. You are rewarded for every good decision you make. And as you progress, you unlock new interesting features like rooms, buildings, hot girls, viewers, customers and lots more. Once you begin this adventure, it is a guarantee that you will always come back to it.

3. It is free. You only have to log in to enjoy this game for as long as you wish. If you would like to speed things up however, it allows to throw in some money.

4. It is very easy to play. As you get yourself acquainted with the game, you have an in-game secretary to give you suggestions. There is also a pointer feature to show you where to find what. The layout makes it pretty easy to navigate.

5. Pleasure is guaranteed. From the moment you sign in all the way as you play, you get to see more and more erotic scenes. With the many pictures of naked and half-naked porn stars to the more intense sex scenes; this game guarantees you orgasm,


Cunt Empire gives you the best gaming experience and does it all for free. It allows you to train and sharpen your mind and also pleasure your body. It wouldn’t be wrong to say it is the best thing that ever happened to the world of browser games.

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