Daily Catapult to qualify for your successful future
(c)Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey, M.A.

There are many theories about success these days and several versions of those theories, but it all depends on you what success really is. I am pleased to share with you a few powerful guidelines which are simple and easy to build on, as you plan your future. Let me say something both about planning and about your future. You and I are always living in our future, so that fact is inescapable. Today is the future we planned or feared or saw yesterday or ten years ago. Today we adjust our behavior and thoughts to ensure what we want our future to be like. This article is entitled ‘Daily Catapult..’ because I want to bring to your attention that your future depends on your daily practices, not on overnight tricks being sold at the best bargain price.

Regarding planning, 95% or more of you reading this article, do not really plan at all, but you do expect everything to turn out just grand. Yes, you wish, you trust, you hope, you even dream, but you do not plan. The process of daily catapulting involves making sure you ‘qualify’ for your successful future. You don’t get to experience what you are not ready for, and what you have not yet paid the price for – no way. You qualify for your successful future by, certain mental, psychological and spiritual actions that you have undertaken. These daily actions are creative in nature. That is why they produce results. They take you deeper, higher and richer because they are by nature deep, high and rich in nature themselves. I am sure that you have engaged in some of them from time to time, but not consistently. How about it?

Any other actions sold to you through advertising, TV drama, entertainment will work against catapulting and be in essence equal to stagnating, regressing, crumbling and depressing. For sure.

To share a quote by Carl Jung, well-known for his thoughts and methods: Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes. In going deeper, higher and richer you awaken yourself daily. You receive insights and revelations, your discernment and understanding increases and you find that your decisions are more often based on inner wisdom and spiritual guidance than on guess and doubt.

You find yourself, while you are catapulting, less often fighting against evil and misfortune and more often enjoying the fruits of your labor (plans, actions, thoughts, beliefs, centering, prayers, meditation).
'The purpose of life is not to fight against evil and misfortune. It is to unveil magnificence.' A. Cohen

Learn how to unveil your magnificence. You may do that laboriously alone or with the guidance and encouragement of a devoted coach, but if your focus is to go deeper, higher and richer in every area of your life ( or maybe just one area of concern). Today is the day to begin. It’s a daily step by step process to create a more successful future, bearing in mind you are creating your future anyway, so you might as well do it right. Little changes can effect large results. You know that. Catapult and hit the giants with the tiny stones.
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Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey, M.A. with a successful background in Education,in training and development is a certified Life Coach, focusing on life transitions for women over 40, those approaching retirement,or trying to re-enter the workforce with declining jobs. Her theme is:"Transcend through Transitions. It's within you." both for her eZine,live presentations,weekly radioshows, books and private coaching.
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