The dare that I am about to challenge you with is not one you’ve heard before, nor is it presented in a conventional way. Changing your direction or path requires active participation, and is especially for you big thinkers out there. Some of you have shelves and shelves with dozens of programs, CD’s, and eBooks on self-improvement, client attraction, vision boards and how to use the Law of Attraction in your small business.

Most likely each one of them talk about attracting cars, furs, jewels, mansions, wealth, and the ideal lover or partner to name a few. This old school thinking of creating an vision board applies to everyone who wants to create a vision board, even the drop dead gorgeous heiress with the Ferrari, who owns an island, and has the perfect lover…um…okay… money does makes the world go round…for awhile anyways…but how many islands, lovers and mansions can you have before you run out being juiced up about it?

Some Law of Attraction guru’s offer workbooks with assignments and tests, and others are creating vision boards with a collage of all of the above typical things you would see on most people’s vision boards. You have done so many of these that your eyes are rolling over in the back of your head, and you have lost track of what you set out to accomplish in the first place. You’ve got huge volumes of advice, but with no real game plan for actually making a change to become the best version of yourself combining the Law of Attraction for big thinkers and a vision board that is beyond the boring old school vision of success and happiness.

Let me help you design your new “panties” as you transform from the old fashioned, and old school way of using vision boards and the Law of Attraction. It’s time to think bigger, play bigger and shine – in panties that boldly proclaim, “This is the absolute best version of who I am!”

This approach is also different in that I write from personal experience and have successfully followed the dare myself. You can’t experience a life change simply by reading an article. I can give you the best information on the planet, but you still have to do the work, even if it is bite size pieces at a time.

It is about becoming the best version of yourself, thinking, speaking, and feeling, breathing and living what you love every moment of every day.

Becoming the best version of you starts with a dream. You may have a crystal clear vision of who you are now, or where you would you would like to be or what you’d like to do, but mostly likely, something inside is whispering to you that your life and small business could—and can be a whole lot bigger and better. So I am here to stir the pot, and get things going for those of you who are big thinkers and want something different but need a new direction, a new beginning. Whether the new direction or change is big or small, the steps are the same. Whether you are a happy go lucky kind of thinker and anything goes, or a restless, resilient and are we having any fun yet kind of thinker, this applies to you. I am talking about creating a vision and a vision board that has substance and meaning for the long term, and that you feel it deep down in your heart and soul.

Turning your deep yearning dreams into a reality is what the next generation of the Law of Attraction for big thinkers are using vision boards for today. And this new way of thinking and being can create magic….in time…

Law of Attraction Vision BoardsI am speaking about a fiery passion, steadfast commitment, and coming up with a vision that is deeper and more permanent than mansions, beaches, palm trees, and ideal lovers, although that will follow if that is your thing. Let’s leave that for the old school vision boards and Law of Attraction manifestations for now. This isn’t your grandma’s panties, or old fashioned Law of Attraction wish list.

Changing your course of direction may seem like a bit of a pipe dream or something abstract when you are first getting started. This article is not about the steps to make that reality. This is about calling out some big thinkers, and some of my mentors, who I personally know, love and respect. Having them pull out all of the stops personally and professionally and letting us peak behind the curtain and how they are thinking and playing bigger in the world now and in their future. Nothing I ask them to do will be painful. It is more of self examination and showing us that change is entirely doable. This isn’t about being irresponsible risk- takers, nor juggling so much that they will barely hang on. These women are happy, well-adjusted ( as far as I know) people who have very successfully changed course to improve their lives, and I am daring them to come out of the closet and share their next steps to think and play bigger using the next generation of the Law of Attraction and vision boards.

You will also notice when using the next generation of the Law of Attraction and vision boards that wealth is last on the list of considerations for all of these women. How do I know this? By working with each one of them personally, reading their blogs, taking their programs, and finding out what is under their blue jeans so to speak. These big thinkers see wealth as a means to an end, not the end in itself.

Whether your specialty in your small business is in developing digital marketing strategies that leverage the power of online technology with measurably significant return on investment, or a specialist in building highly visible businesses with loyal customer fan bases, or one of the hottest direct response copywriters and marketing consultants in the industry today, the challenge is also open to all of you.

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