The world of data recovery is something of a big mystery to most consumers and even to some IT professionals. This is mainly because hard drives are complex devices and their technological specifications are not generally well known. No wonder, the market for data recovery services and professionals spanned an amazing, staggering figure of over $ 100 million. This reflects how fast the data recovery services industry and professionals have grown by leaps and bounds.

Let us first understand what causes data loss. Data loss can be due to a combination of factors that often require professional assistance. The current finding of cloning the damaged, functional drive and using the cloned version on a new drive as a means of recovering data may be helpful, but it is best to engage professionals to help you.

When we come back to our discussion of causes of data loss, this can also occur if your operating system does not start or if you get a blue screen error, but this should not give the impression to you that everything is lost. These data losses can be caused by bad sectors that stop the drive head every time it tries to read them. If your drive is detected by another computer, there is hope of copying your data before total failure. There may be situations where you have a brand new hard drive but you still have some data loss. Sometimes a defective component or installation can also lead to data loss. Sometimes it can be due to a sudden electrical fault that the brand new hard drive may not be immune to. So there are countless reasons that can lead to data loss.

One of the frequently asked questions that you would naturally like to ask if you have suffered data loss is: "how can you help me recover or recover my lost data?" Do not worry. With the right mix of knowledge, experience and tools, it is possible for a competent data recovery professional to perform a 'recovery operation' for your data loss problem.

The data recovery services and professionals are extremely well equipped with an amazing range of software, hardware and other technologically advanced tools to help with data recovery. Most of the data recovery labs use a combination of the best and most quality protected software, special hardware and many years of valuable experience to recover data after a major crash or even tampering.

There are also highly trained specialist medical specialists who are competent to handle each recovery to ensure that your data is not compromised during the recovery process. Most data recovery professionals are extremely aware that your data is sacred and irreplaceable to you, so they handle the problem with great care.

The first thing that a data recovery company would do when receiving a hard drive is to evaluate it. They would try to see if logical recovery is required or not. Most reputable companies do not charge evaluation fees, but some companies do, and there are other companies that charge an additional fee for on-site support. Perhaps these contradictions simply reflect the highly saturated nature of the booming data recovery industry where it appears to be a dog-eating-dog-world

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The first thing that a data recovery company would do when receiving a hard drive is to evaluate it.