Day 1 of the 12 Days of Healthy Eating Gifts
brought to you by WiseHeart Wellness WorldWide
Treating food addiction and compulsive eating

Welcome to your first Healthy Eating gift. Today you are receiving a couple of special renovations to your “to do” list.

First, one side of your list will now become your "Choose To Do List.” Why is this an upgrade? Because when we consciously choose to do something, we create a more positive mind set and a better chemical environment in our brains and bodies. Stress and negativity diminish and performance and enjoyment increase.

Choosing to include on your lists things like "take time for good rest" or other enjoyable activities and choosing to abstain from foods, thoughts or activities that make you feel bad can be create positive and powerful experience.

Then we will turn to the backside of the list and rename it your “To Allow List.” You can use this part of the list for the things that you realize you can't control and so you want to just turn them over to your benevolent universal manager and allow them to turn out just as they will.

Take a break sit down and watch it all unfold as it will. Great stress relief with this list, save time, energy and maybe some close relationships by control and perfection are not the point.

Sit back and truly enjoy the experience, decide what you want to do, feel, eat, spend and behave like and then surrender it all on to the allow list and enjoy the season. And if you decide to take an action, remember that you are choosing and put it on the other side!

These gifts were so well received by our clients, we’ve made this available for a wider audience and the coupons are good for any time of the year.

To receive a personalized gift, click on the link below to receive a free Discovery Session,

Watch for the rest of your Healthy Eating gifts including meditations, yoga moves, a hydration calculator and discount coupons for our upcoming programs. WiseHeart Wellness wishes you Happy Healthy Eating in everything you do!

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Anderson Dolan of WiseHeart Wellness Services provides treatment, public education and media information on food addiction and compulsive eating. She speaks and facilitates programs internationally and has been a counselor for over 30 years and a recovering person maintaining a 150 lb weight loss, for over 2 decades. Current research is with people maintaining 100lb+ weight loss and how they continue to do that. WiseHeart Wellness now provides assessment and treatment online including brain chemistry optimization to end addictive eating. More information can be found at