Day 3 of the 12 Days of Healthy Eating Gifts
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Treating food addiction and compulsive eating

Welcome to your third Healthy Eating gift. Today you are receiving some brain chemistry basics that can make a tremendous difference in your experience and your actions.

Brain chemistry is what determines how you perceive and interpret situations, what thoughts and behaviors you choose and indeed whether or not you can actually execute them. In addition how easily you get tired, or confused or depressed or frustrated.

If you have an individualized Brain Chemistry profiled program from us, follow the recommendations for the few foods that can really help or hurt your brain and make sure you take the suggested supplements. It is easy to forget the basics when you are rushed or out of routine during the Eatings.
And for everyone there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your brain operates in the most optimal way possible for you.

1. Sleep/Rest - I know it is hard, with all the events and responsibilities, but your brain simply needs the down time to integrate experience, reduce stress and replenish brain chemicals. If you can slip away for an afternoon nap or steal a chance to sleep in take it! The less sleep you get the more distress you experience. When things are going badly, the wise go lay down.

2. Eat Protein - With all the snack foods and sugary treats around at this time of the year, it can be easy to not get enough protein to provide the basic building blocks for good brain chemistry. People that are compulsive eaters already have vulnerable brains and so can experience worse results from this lack. Have some protein at each meal to stay mentally clear, emotionally stable and experience ongoing energy.

3. Drink Water - No eggnog, wine and pop don't count towards your quota. Your brain is made of 68% water, not other refreshments. Again a vulnerable brain has a harder time with lack of proper elements, so if you want to weather the stress and enjoy the celebration of the season make sure you keep your water level up. Below is an actual hydration calculator to help figure out how much you need, but the paler your pee the more hydrated you are.

If you tend to be frequently fatigued, depressed and crave sugar and refined carbs, eating a unrefined carbohydrate snack like a banana or brown rice 2 hours after a high protein meal can help a likely deficit in serotonin as will taking a 5htp supplement.

If you tend to be agitated and annoyed frequently and eat impulsively, staying away from nuts, beef, pop and caffeine can have a significant settling effect.

The suggestions above are of course small interventions. If you're overeating has gone on a long time and feels very out of control, you likely have a more severe and complex brain chemistry issue to deal with. Use the suggestions above to start and seek further help.
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These gifts were so well received by our clients, we’ve made this available for a wider audience and the coupons are good for any time of the year.

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Keep your brain on target and watch for the rest of your Eating gifts including meditations, yoga moves, a hydration calculator and discount coupons for our upcoming programs. WiseHeart Wellness wishes you Happy Healthy Eating in everything you do!

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Nancy Anderson Dolan of WiseHeart Wellness Services provides treatment, public education and media information on food addiction and compulsive eating. She speaks and facilitates programs internationally and has been a counselor for over 30 years and a recovering person maintaining a 150 lb weight loss, for over 2 decades. Current research is with people maintaining 100lb+ weight loss and how they continue to do that. WiseHeart Wellness now provides assessment and treatment online including brain chemistry optimization to end addictive eating. More information can be found at