Day 8 of the 12 Days of Healthy Eating Gifts
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Treating food addiction and compulsive eating

Welcome, to your eighth Healthy Eating gift. An i-gift of information and identification. Information about what is really happening with us as we move through the experience of compulsive, addictive is vitally important as is identification with others sharing the problem.

Last night I was privileged to participate in a panel on binge eating on HuffPost Live an internet TV program of the Huffington Post news organization. Past and present binge eaters and people who treat them came together to have an honest exploratory conversation about the difficulties faced by people trying to understand their experience and get effective help.

You can see it on the following link, but be warned you have to have a very fast connection to play it.

There are free downloadable audio's on additional subjects further down.

Especially during the Eating season, it can seem in our minds that everybody else is handling things well and we should just try harder and we will be able to "be normal" as well.

Of course this isn't true, many people around us are struggling in silence; we most certainly are not alone, although the feeling that we are is pervasive.

And when we "explain" our eating issues as problems of morality, willpower, ignorance or laziness we chronically try the wrong solution because of this inaccurate assessment of what's going on.

Therapeutic groups and session as well as self help support groups, help us own our own experience, when we hear others that have shared the same feelings, behaviors and confusion.

We would like to encourage everyone to have some compassionate curiosity for themselves and their condition. Be patient and persistent, taking your time to really discern what is going on with you and then present this information to those that you reaching out for help from. Never stop until you find the people that acknowledge and understand your real experience.

As part of our campaign to "Change the Conversation About Compulsive Addictive Eating"; we are offering free monthly informational TeleClinics discussing the causes, complications and cures, complications and chronic eating issues. From brain chemistry to bariatric surgery, we are there to explore and answer your questions and create a conscious well informed community.

You can sign up at the link below to be taken to links to the audio's of past calls and get on the list to be notified of upcoming ones.

Free Q & A TeleClinic Downloadable Audios

These gifts were so well received by our clients, we’ve made this available for a wider audience and the coupons are good for any time of the year.

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WiseHeart Wellness wishes you Happy Healthy Eating in everything you do!

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Nancy Anderson Dolan of WiseHeart Wellness Services provides treatment, public education and media information on food addiction and compulsive eating. She speaks and facilitates programs internationally and has been a counselor for over 30 years and a recovering person maintaining a 150 lb weight loss, for over 2 decades. Current research is with people maintaining 100lb+ weight loss and how they continue to do that. WiseHeart Wellness now provides assessment and treatment online including brain chemistry optimization to end addictive eating. More information can be found at