A common misconception about hypnosis is that we would need a swinging pocket watch to put people in a trance. While that may have been practiced, it is old school hypnosis. Today, we do not need to use magic spells or incantations to put people in a trance. There is a better, more comfortable way of doing so by means of conversational hypnosis.

Anyone can learn conversational hypnosis. This will be very useful, and in fact, even considered a necessity by people who need to influence others’ thinking, in a subtle and indirect manner.

It was psychotherapist, Milton Erickson, who firmly believed that people are often in a trance not just once, but several times daily. He said it is a natural occurrence, and when you mix it with confusion techniques and indirect suggestions, with the correct timing and rapport, it is actually possible to hypnotize people.

Conversational hypnosis involves 3 basic stages which start by building rapport with the person you want to hypnotize. Second, you should be able to throw a bit of confusion on the person so that he can be put off balance and not be able to think the way he normally does. Third, once your subject is distracted, this would be the perfect time to make ‘suggestions.’ In such a state, it is easier for the other person to agree with you or say yes to you.

Where can you take advantage of conversational hypnotism? In many places and for any reason you deem crucial. You can use it when you want to ask for a raise. You simply follow the 3 simple stages mentioned above and towards the suggestion part, you mention something like ‘It might seem like a good idea to give me a raise after the success of our project this quarter.’ You can also use it on your customer by saying ‘The XYZ product does seem like better option as compared to ABC product.’

Remember that when you apply conversational hypnosis, the keyword is ‘subtle.’ You cannot be too direct otherwise it would simply ruin the whole thing, and the outcome will not be as effective as you had hoped. Also, while it does have a high success rate, it will not always work for everyone, especially if you are still new to it. Keep practicing this technique, until you become skilled at it.

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