The beauty of using decals to decorate Ikea furniture includes:

Easy to apply decal to Ikea furniture
Removing designer graphics is easy when it's time to sell
You can change the decals regularly according to the style or season
Decals are washable, simplifying Ikea surface cleaning

How to choose the right designer wall stickers and decals for your furniture?

Size: We recommend choosing smaller "kits" of decals to apply to the item. It could have a theme, or multiple smaller stickers. This will facilitate the application of the surface graph.

Finish: Decals come in gloss or matte. By choosing decals with a matte finish, you will get a hand painted "mural" look. When choosing the shine, you are looking for a statement. Our preference is matte, but the best of the decals promote individuality, so go ahead and match your style.

Color: The same principles of using color in interior design apply to decal accessories. Choose neutral colors, complementary colors that fit the rest of the color scheme, or contrasting colors if they work well with your decor.

Another consideration is that the decals can look amazing in the SAME color as the Ikea furniture item. For example, if you have a white Ikea shelf. Buying a white glitter decal will contrast the texture and capture any available light in the room.

Similarly, if you have a shiny silver table, wearing a metallic silver designer decal on the surface will look absolutely amazing.

Ikea Furniture Decal Ideas:

There are hundreds of ideas for using wall decals or surface graphics on modern furniture. Don't limit yourself by this list, but let it inspire you to reach great heights in decorating your interiors.

Ikea chairs
Apply word stickers to the back or seat of the chair. Words like AMIGOS, RISA. EAT DRINK.
Apply designs to the back or seat of the chair. If you want to be king or queen for a day, put a crown-shaped decal on the back of the truck decals

Ikea tables
Our favorite fun decal is applying a vinyl table top to the dining room table. Table setup can incorporate placemat, knife, fork, spoon, glass. These can be traditional ornamental configurations or modern simplistic decal configurations.
Block words Place word blocks, some face down, sideways, etc. on the table so that people can read upside down.

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