I’m sure you’ve seen the DVD “The Secret” and you noticed the part when the elephant was instantly manifested. Maybe you thought you were glad instant manifestation doesn’t occur, or maybe you thought that actually you would prefer instant manifestation and that the example was just silly.

The problem with instant manifestation is that you cannot help but to observe unwanted things in your life. No one else can manifest something unwanted into your life, but they can manifest unwanted things into their life which you may or may not observe.

Take a loved one for example. If they manifest an illness, although it doesn’t directly affect you, you may be looking after that person whilst they are ill and caring for them. In those moments you’ll be giving your attention to something unwanted.

Surely it’s a blessing that you don’t get ill the moment you think about your loved one getting ill?

Or how about when you walk down the street and you see someone get splashed by a puddle. Maybe you’ll giggle or maybe you’ll feel sorry for them. Whatever you feel you’ll probably drop an unconscious thought about being splashed by a puddle. If thoughts were instant you’d have immediately manifested another unwanted circumstance.

The delay in which your thoughts manifest into reality truly are a blessing. They give you time to clarify exactly what you want and to spend more time defining exactly what it is you are wanting.

So how long do you have to wait in order to see a manifestation?

With your thoughts, you are manifesting new thoughts approximately every 17 seconds (according to Abraham-Hicks). By thinking one thought, a new like-minded thought will be attracted to you through the Law of Attraction.

From my own experience, I’ve seen manifestations occur in as little as a couple of minutes. This has only been the case with positive manifestations that I wanted and has offering a lot of positive energy around.

Unconscious, negative manifestations have always taken longer and usually take hours to manifest rather than minutes.

Sometimes it will take days, weeks or even months to manifest other items that I do not fully believe are my own yet. Your beliefs will always play an important part in what you attract. Also it will come down to the amount of energy that is given to the desire or the amount of energy that you are currently expelling. After all you CAN manifest wanted things just by feeling good about anything that makes you feel good.

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