The environmental project is considered very important in order to preserve the biodiversity. The environment & wildlife volunteers are placed into local zoos or wildlife organizations to work being a part of research or care taking.

The wildlife conservation projects for the volunteers involve various activities or works like caring for injured or affected wildlife, wildlife research to find something good for animals, feeding animals, tree nursery, working for natural forest conservation projects and much more.

As far as volunteer services in South Africa are known, a number of animal or environmental welfare projects are available for the enthusiasts. Individuals can spend time working with cheetahs, researching on different animal & plant species, helping equestrian centres and animal shelters, learning basic rehabilitation techniques and so on. Hand feeding wounded animals like baby lions or cheetahs can help one to develop a strong bond between them and also with the opportunity where one can contribute to the valuable skills.

The volunteer programs organizers are known to come with different coordinators to guide one through the application process explaining everything about the local opportunities along with placing the person that suits one’s skills and experience. Substantial local support is offered to support the enthusiasts with logistical assistance and personal mentoring during any emergency.

It has been observed that some organizations are known to conduct different social and cultural activities to let all volunteers meet each other and experience what the South Africa has to offer.

Cape Town, the capital city of South Africa is known to come with various white sandy beaches, spectacular ocean view and scenic hiking trails. Nature lovers through Environment and wildlife volunteer services can work for picturesque botanical gardens, historic winelands, etc.
Other than working as a volunteer in Cape Town, adventure lovers can experience the art forms of diverse cultures at this place. One has adventure options like sail, surf, paraglide, bungee jump, sandboard and much more. Other than this, food lovers can have a nice time in the friendly locals, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. Apart from these, CapeTown is known to offer excellent opportunities for the individuals to get closer to the social change and development of the place.

Individuals can acquire assistance of professional volunteer services if are interested in the projects like forestry program, eco-construction, sustainable agriculture, research, community involvement and environmental education. No particular skills are required for any of the projects; one is only needed to have an interest in conservation.

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