Gayatri Super Mantra is one but like an atom it has many units. Each unit has a different form and potential. Despite this fundamentally it is related to only one energy centre and gains nourishment from it. The heart is one but blood vessels are innumerable for blood circulation in the entire body. Each vein has its own form, area of activity and function. Despite this they are all related to only one centre i.e. the heart. Gayatri is like the human heart and its 24 energy streams are like veins. Gayatri Mantra is the Himalayan Mountain and Gayatri’s energy streams are like various rivers. There is only one Cosmic Power that controls the cosmos. In the area of the Great Nature, many material and conscious forces are at work. Heat, motion, gravitation, intellect, electricity are many energy streams of Cosmic Nature and each function in their appointed areas. There are many streams in life-force like sentiments, aspirations, habits etc. Despite all this, these streams have their origin in one centre only which is like a head quarter. As per the Centre’s directions they function aptly. Adi Shakti Gayatri should also be looked upon as the source of inspiration and manifestation of the infinite streams belonging to cosmic consciousness. All demigods/goddesses carry out their functions under Gayatri’s jurisdiction.

All modes of Gayatri worship fall basically within 3 categories. 1) Nitya Karma – daily activities 2) Vishishtha Upchar/Purascharanas – special rituals 3) Tapa Sadhana – high leveled austerities. For unveiling of the 5 sheaths (Panchakosha) and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) awakening 2 methods are used viz; Dakshin Marg or Yoga and Vaam Marg or Tantra.

For special requirements special practices pertaining to Gayatri’s 24 streams is executed. Each stream has special/individual methods. Their Seed Mantras too vary. Apart from Vyahvaritis in the Gayatri Mantra, one has to add the Seed Mantra before chanting “Tat Savitur Varenyam”. Images/idols predominate in Dakshin spiritual practices. Their form, vehicle and weapons differ. In Tantra Science images are replaced by Yantras. Yantras are photographic designs. The 3 corners of a triangle are its 3 centres. It is like Tripada Gayatri having 3 forms viz; Brahmi, Vaishnavi and Brahmi. Its ritual method and time of performing spiritual practice is different. In the same way the ritual (Puja) method of each letter of Gayatri is different.

There is no one single method of ritual. The methods differ for every spiritual seeker on the basis of his nature, psychic imprints (Sanskars) and level of character. For one energy stream, various methods have been designed for various individuals, based on their psychic state and requirements. Since the mental state of each individual is different, they are given different methods of worship.

If we start discussing all the methods (ritualistic) designed for every individual who has a unique mental state, it will take up more pages. Hence it is not possible to go into its detail. A lot of time is taken up in diagnosing a disease and making an appropriate medicine. As per the illness of a patient, one designs a cure and changes are made accordingly. In the same way a Guru (preceptor) is required to advise spiritual seekers as to which Gayatri stream (totally 24) should be worshipped at what time, where, in what manner etc. It is very dangerous to worship any of the Gayatri Energy stream merely by reading books. Hence either approach a Guru or contact the following:-

Brahmavarchas Research Centre
Haridwar (Uttaranchal)

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