The reason a spouse cheats on their significant other of course comes down to the individual and how they perceive the marriage relationship. But we are all familiar with a few of the reasons.

1. Out of Love
Neither spouse can explain it but the romance that they once shared is gone. Both parties may want it back but they are not making the effort. Therefore one or maybe both attempts to rekindle that passion with someone else.

2. Feeling Bad
One spouse is not feeling too good about themselves. Chances are this was an issue long before they got married but the marriage itself has either not helped or only made the problem worse. The solution as they see it is to find that special someone who will make them feel better about themselves. Anyone other than their significant other.

3. Sex
It was good for awhile but now there is something missing from the bedroom as far as the cheating spouse is concerned. The only way to resolve the issue is meet that someone who can satisfy them on the physical level.

4. Going Your Own Way
Couples start leading separate lives. It may not even be intentional but do to some external pressures and responsibilities it happens. Separate lives can also lead to separate romance away from the marriage.

And many other reasons.

Naturally if your spouse is carrying on an affair there should be some soul searching as to why they are doing it. The key is not to get caught up with guilt. In other words avoid taking the blame for their actions.

No relationship is the be all to end all. There are going to be a lot of ups and downs as well as things you could have said or done differently. Just do your best not to fall for the old "you made them do it" game.

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