Quote: “The mind works like a computer. It does what you train it to do. Install an original program of positive thoughts with an attitude representing the new you."

Our powerful mind operates like a machine. You perceive the world on the outside from the thoughts stored within your inner being. When you walk around in a dream like state of mind, illusions become a reality like closing your eyes and shutting the blinds. It is your responsibility to reprogram negative thoughts. To do this, start fresh and forgot about everything you were taught.

The mind is a terrible tool to waste. Focus on the different types of thoughts you create. We fail to realize our different states of consciousness affects the way we perceive the world. You can create a world of opportunity or live in a world of turmoil. How does the mind operate? It remembers and stores all experiences in the past from the ones you liked as well as the ones you hated. The mind has a systematic way of thinking. Learn the lessons, break the cycles or keep circling around sleep walking in past memories. Illusions pollute the mind to escape all forms of reality. We internalized problems from our past and learned to view the world subjectively. The majority of our judging and thinking stems from living life unconsciously. Do you know what is happening? The mind is in a dream like state as if we are sleep walking. Release these negative patterns of thoughts you battle with everyday. Wake up to who you really are and stop being afraid. The more you hold back, the more you delay. Consciousness is a state of awakening to a new sense of reality. Embrace life with more vitality and see the world with infinite possibilities. You cannot play tricks on such a powerful mind. The mind creates thoughts with feelings attached. Whatever thoughts you conceive, positive or negative is exactly what you will attract. It is just as simple as that. Think about it for a second. You judge your relationships in rankings between good or bad. Are you reacting to the same hurt experienced from your past? Try not to over-react. Let go of the triggers within the subconscious mind, accept your feelings and allow them to pass. Learn to reprogram the way you think. It is all about being able to perceive things differently. You have nothing to be ashamed of if your thoughts are not in a good place. Keep thinking positive, believe in yourself and learn to have faith. The more you practice positive thinking, keep going and start creating. If you choose not to change the way you react to things, the subconscious mind will have no other choice but to cling to the same limited thinking. For you to reprogram the mind takes effort and determination. The mind must trust the heart and follow the gift of intuition. Conscious living requires enormous amounts of courage, inner strength and self-discipline. Break down these walls of defenses and accept God’s love and blessings. Be prepared to face your realities and deal with past hurts. Get into the face of hidden fears first and bring your negative thoughts to surface. Change your perceptions or remain stuck in an illusionary world of suffering. Be realistic and accept that you are on a journey towards inner healing. It is okay if you fail. Get back up, breathe in and exhale. Stop accepting thoughts that binds you to limited thinking. Be free and independent to making realistic and conscious decisions. Next, we travel on down the road called Veils of Illusions.

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