In the recent times, the popularity of erotic massage has increased significantly. The idea of sensuality meeting with relaxation is surely the driven force for people to indulge in this amazing experience. However, people often fail to understand the fundamental differences between its different forms. They tend to conceive sensual massage, tantric massage and erotic massage to be the same.

The involvement of orgasm at the concluding part of all these types of massage undoubtedly contributes to this confusion. The services of outcall massage in London are also perceived as a form of relaxation through sexual empowerment. Well, nothing can be marked as a delusion as the perceptions are partially accurate in every way. Despite having the same conclusions, a significant difference is always there among the techniques and purposes of the mentioned massage types. Read on to find out the minute differences and derive in-depth knowledge.

Difference in Methods and Purpose

The erotic massage involves direct stimulation of sexual energy as the masseuse touches the sexual organs of your body and penetrates it for enjoyment. The masseuse uses both the hands and mouth to excite the parts. It is a simple replication of intense sexual act. On the contrary; the sole purpose of a sensual massage is to help the clients to reach out a significant level of sexual excitement where they can achieve a relaxing momentum through orgasm. The Tantric massage, however, is entirely different from the methods of stimulation along with the purpose are quite diverse in this process.

It is essential to understand that the purpose of tantric massage is not the imitation or preparation of a sexual act. Rather it creates an atmosphere for foreplay and sets up a dramatic situation where both the partners get spiritually and physically engaged with each other. While the spiritual stimulation and empowerment remain absent in the other forms of sensuous massage, professional the sole purpose of tantric massage is to develop a spiritual connectivity through physical involvement.

Difference in venue

The right venue and titillating atmosphere play a significant role in any form of sensuous massage. The most reputed massage centres for visiting massage in London focuses on setting the mood of their clients by creating a special setup where the physical and mental relaxation can be achieved. The setup for tantric massage is quite dramatic. Candles that spread aromatic fragrance around the room are widely accepted in the rooms prepared for tantric massage. The colours of the walls along with the inclusion of every prop around the room are focused on bringing out the spiritual counterpart of the clients.

On the other hand, both erotic and sensual massage does not need such a dramatised set up. A simple bed with adequate cushioning is enough for these massage forms. However, the presence of bright lights should always be discouraged in all the three types of massages as it will not let the clients have a soothing feeling while involving in the massage. The presence of a bathtub or a shower bed along with good music is always appreciated by the clients while having all these forms of massages.

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