Digital marketing is always in progress, and in order to gain more market share, you need to use techniques and tools in the form of an integral program, and in this article I’ve provided you an internet marketing checklist that is fully consistent with the new changes in 2019. Is.

Creating value for the customer

Try to look at your business from the customer's perspective and see what's worth for the customer, what does it want you to do? For this, you probably must design your own customer personality, who is your customer? What are the values? What needs and how you can create a good feeling in your potential customer, so in 2019, your first step as a web browser is to create value for your future customer.

SEO or the same SEO

While site optimization requires a lot of time for search engines, but it is an important part of internet marketing strategy, you need to first look at what your potential customer is asking and starting to find these questions to generate your own content, Instead of creating a series of content to showcase your products, services, or abilities, go to customer questions.

You also need to find the keywords that have the most search but a bit of competition. To do this, you can use the Keyword Magic Tool, then find the keywords that are less competitive and use them in content to help them in less time. Get minimal targeted web traffic.

Social Networks

Use common social networks to create a network of customers, and you can even design special marketing campaigns for your virtual network pages, but keep in mind that your fans in the virtual community will be converted to members of the site, because Virtual communities are a temporary wave that you should mount on this wave at the right time.

E-mail marketing

One of the most valuable tools for having a great strategy in successful Internet marketing is the use of targeted email marketing, using this tool with the least effort you can get the best results, and also for the great use of this tool should be in exchange for any user reaction Design an automated email plan to surprise you with results. For example, if a customer purchases a product, have you prepared an e-mail after the purchase of the customer to be thrilled and make the next purchase within a week after you?

Use CRM or Customer Relationship Management

CRM software will help you know what a customer has bought from you, what you might be interested in and ultimately by collecting information from customers you can give them excellent offers that increase your sales price. You do not need to use such software as a startup business, you can do this by creating an Excel file. Also, if you have enough mastery in marketing emails, you can simulate a system hacker.

Use video

You can use video in all your internet marketing departments, and the video will become overwhelming in 2019, to convince a customer of a video that has a thousand-fold effect on images and text.

Use video whenever you want to send an important message, on product pages, landing pages, and so on, you can easily transfer the core emotions to the customer and even transmit the feelings of the business.

Marketing Influencer

Virtual communities have created a space where different people in different domains have become influential people who are referred to as "Influenzas" in their terms, followers of these influential people can also become your customers, just enough People want to wear, use, or even review your services, and eventually introduce you to witness quick success in your business.

Use Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in Internet marketing is not yet fully understood, but big business as a leader has always tried to use it, such as recognizing a user's interests by analyzing and reviewing his behavior on the website, I suggest you prepare your business for integration with artificial intelligence, try to collect the information of visitors and customers in the future to use the AI features that you see in your business, in 2019, you will see applications. Artificial Intelligence will be an Internet business.

The e-commerce domain, depending on the type of activity or product to be offered, will have different groups on their own, which we will discuss separately:

- B2C:

In businesses such as online retail stores, there is a B2C business in which the business will interact with consumers.


Businesses in which some businesses offer smaller firms such as legal advice, accounting, goods, etc. Provide.


In this type of business, the consumer has an added value to the firm, which is often seen on the site's capital attraction sites.


An online store that delivers consumer-provided products and other consumer purchases follow this model.


Some businesses, like taxpayers who provide government-provided services and businesses, actually use this model.


If the government receives services from enterprises, this equation can be seen.


If the government deals directly with providing services to consumers, we will actually see such a model. Activities such as selling traffic plans are in this category.

Advantages of using e-commerce

E-commerce is one of the most important advances in the age of communication and technology. But why is this area so widely welcomed by different groups and communities? The answer to this question is simple: the numerous benefits this technology has in the daily lives of individuals, businesses, businesses and communities.

E-commerce benefits for businesses:

  • Possibility of developing business in domestic and foreign markets with minimal investment
  •  Brand recognition is maximized
  •  Reduce operational costs
  •  Deliver better and faster service to consumers

Benefits of e-commerce for consumers:

Receive product information without delay

  • Benefit from special offers due to competitive market

The benefits of e-commerce for communities:

  • Reduce traffic and air pollution
  • Reducing prices and benefiting all types of services and products
  • Providing services and products to rural and rural areas
  • Deliver better and faster services to citizens


Disadvantages of e-commerce than traditional ones

Like any technology and other achievement, there are critiques that some of them can be considered. Some people consider purchasing and receiving services a physical process, and they believe that the sensation that touches pre-purchase and experience products is far beyond online shopping. Others have criticized interactions between individuals and conceive e-commerce as a barrier to social relationships and building constructive relationships in the community. Ultimately, security and privacy in this space have been ambiguous in some cases and have caused a lot of problems.

We live in the digital age. The immense growth of the population, environmental problems, limited time, and many others have led us to either progressively digitize or sync with it. E-commerce is one of the achievements of this age that brings many benefits to different groups of society. It should be considered that this category should be considered as an opportunity for improvement, lifestyle and facilities. But as with any other space, there are also threats that can be minimized with adequate awareness and proportional behaviors and benefit from this opportunity. 
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Last word

In 2019, or every other year ahead of us, we see the advent of Internet marketing tools, and sometimes even new gadgets, try to identify your market audience and choose the right gadgets according to the needs of these people, of course some Tools are like a wave that may already be functional, but they will undergo many changes in the coming years, such as virtual communities, so you can manage your time and capital smartly.

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