The term digital marketing or digital marketing has been from the past two decades as a subset of marketing management as well as advertising management.

But due to the development of information technology in recent years, the increase in the average online user’s time, the widespread use of mobile phones and the increase of the penetration rate of the Internet in the world, today is considered as an independent knowledge and expertise.

Definition of Digital Marketing

The HubSpot site, which is considered to be a prestigious site in the field of digital marketing and content strategy, points out in the definition of digital marketing that it is a conceptual umbrella.

In other words, instead of providing a straightforward definition of it, it's best to know all the techniques and tools that are under the heading of digital marketing.


Although there is no single definition of digital marketing, it seems that the following definition can be a good common interface to commonly used digital marketing considerations:

Digital marketing includes a set of all tools and activities that are used to market digital- based products and services (Web, Internet, Mobile, or other digital gadgets).

Digital marketing or digital marketing tools

The following are examples of digital marketing tools:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) [Includes Organic Traffic and Purchased]
  • Optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • Content marketing (content marketing)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Click-through advertising (PPC)
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Mobile marketing or mobile marketing (or its old term: mobile advertising)
  • Marketing through Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Generation
  • Targeted web traffic

  Digital Viral Marketing (Digital Viral Marketing)

Sometimes the Tools menu Digital Marketing, the ads targeted and customized (Targeted Advertising) as well as direct advertising (Native Advertising) is mentioned.

But given the fact that these two titles are virtually more comprehensive and not matched with other items (they can cover other options), we did not list them in the above list.

Note: At the moment, there are overlaps in the above list. But since this list is mentioned in many books and official references in the same way, we also used the common method.


A few digital marketing education books

The Digital Marketing Digital Book is not so big that your hands are open to their choice.

But in English, digital marketing education books are not low. In addition, there are many books on each digital marketing topic (e.g., mobile marketing books or content marketing books and content strategies themselves have a huge world).

So we cannot say how many books we introduce here are certainly the best digital marketing books. But at least known and valid. In addition, we have used them in digital marketing related lessons and have repeatedly referred to them. For example, you can create a funny comedy video. Comedy videos are played promptly. There are a few comedians. Others are also waiting for their turn. There are hundreds of comedians looking for a way to show their talent. You can help them by setting up an online comedy club and online laugh.  Every video can improve Alexa rank in every website.  Nobody feels like overexerting themselves in the summer heat ... that includes those pesky marketing projects that nobody seems to want to take on like improving your Alexa ranking.  But, did you know that with a few clicks of a mouse, you can Buy Alexa traffic which will positively impact your score quickly?  And with the right company, it's safe, easy and affordable. Not knowing how to engage the audience

B2B marketing in social networks does not mean attracting the interests of a industry. As we said earlier, many businesses produce products that cannot attract many audiences through social networks. For this reason, Buy Social media traffic is the one the way marketers should consider developing something beyond their own products.

Social networks of these types of businesses do not need to be directly connected with the company's services. They can work on more attractive topics and independently market their products and services.


How popular is your brand on social networks?

We are choosing from the best social networks, upgrading strategy and increasing your popularity.

  1. Use of content marketing on social networks

Social networking campaigns will not succeed without the use of content marketing. These two issues are interconnected and necessary for success. The statistics provided by the Content Marketing Institute show that most B2B marketers also use content marketing to succeed their campaigns.

93% of B2B marketers use content marketing Statistics show that most B2B marketers use content marketing. Image from Content Marketing Institute However, statistics show that all of them do not properly use content marketing. Content satisfaction rate in B2B marketing is close to 36%

Based on our research and activity on social networks, we found that as a company is stronger in content marketing, it is also more successful in marketing social media.


Which social networking for B2B marketing?

These days, many social networks are being used by people around the world. Focusing on all social networks is by buy website traffic means and recommended in B2B marketing, as it makes you unable to focus on one issue. As a result, you will not receive good feedback from your ads.

For B2B marketing, you do not need to use all these social networks simultaneously. The following are more appropriate than others:

If you want to use only a social network, put LinkedIn in the top priority. We do not say this sentence merely for the investigation of several studies. We have attracted great customers through LinkedIn since the launch of our website to date. The social network has more than 450 million members from around the world. The greatest benefit of using LinkedIn is the ability to meet new people and communicate with them. The key to success in this social network is to provide users and groups with classy and useful information. LinkedIn also helps companies build and market their brand.

It can be said that Instagram is the most popular social network with us Iranians. Although this social network is by no means the nature of B2B, but due to tight restrictions on social networks in Iran, almost all individuals and businesses have turned to Instagram. Instagram itself, of course, has been a positive step for businesses as well by adding features like making business-centric pages (by connecting the Instagram page to Facebook).

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