NO ONE "developed" the Genesis Gap teaching. It is revealed in many passages in The Holy Scriptures – not a scant few as some would have you believe. ALL doctrines, including salvation, must be taught - pointed out to listeners of God's Holy Word. Will you tell youth believers to accept 300 species of dinosaurs being on Noah's Ark, including “Dreadnoughtus”, at 85 feet long and 65 tons? If so, they will be presented a stumbling block to faith in the Bible; no matter the sincerity of the person/teacher stating this. I have heard Young Earth Creationists say "Well, they all fit, along with the other animal species, because God and Noah placed them on the Ark in baby or egg form”. NOTHING in the scriptures say this - so does that mean the people who teach this, are "heretics" - adding to God's Word? No, because there are many views of creationism, and it IS NOT a doctrine essential to salvation in Jesus Christ (but CAN BE under certain circumstances). The animals would have grown to adult size in the Ark due to them being on the Ark for many months (after nearly 7 months it rested on Mount Ararat). INTERJECTED NOTE: The “Genesis Gap”: Bible Teaching does not teach evolutionary creation theory and should not be confused with “Day Age” creationism, meaning each day of creation was a geological age.

Others from the YEC group have said, that the dinosaurs collectively became extinct during the over 100 years the Ark was being built or even a couple or few thousand years before the flood (still a very short time). How convenient - in view of a 6,000-year-old earth. This should be stated: “the current earth-domain” because it was ABOUT 4,000 years from Adam to Noah's day. Some Young Earth Creationists say dinosaurs all became extinct after exiting the Ark because the atmospheric canopy had changed to one, they could not survive in. Again, how convenient, since it did not affect other reptiles. Its strange God did not foresee that would happen and save Noah a great deal of trouble. One might say to me "BUT YOU HERETIC, don't you know that a human footprint was found with dinosaurs footprints in Glen Rose Texas!? IF dinosaurs ran around during modern man time periods with the footprints found being supposedly modern man. (NOTE: I the author do not believe in Evolution in any form), there should not only be FAR MORE footprints of mankind found and not one’s scientists say are simply slid prints of other animals. This also did not happen, for the reason dinosaurs were from a previous domain and did not dwell together with mankind. There would otherwise be huge numbers of dinosaur footprints mixed together with that of mankind.

In addition to this, the Holy Bible should speak of terrible beasts of enormous size trampling down people’s habitations, eating them and their cattle or sheep. Jobs Leviathan and Behemoth are simply not enough and, can be attributed to modern day animals (e.g. crocodiles, elephants, whales, etc.). Even common sense says there was another world where angels already existed, as did light in Heaven and exuding from God himself. The creation of Hell and of a fallen angel’s event are not found within the Genesis re-creation event narrative, because they occurred at a time before mankind’s domain was made and created. A final thought I would add, is that I have heard Young Earth Creationists say God created the earth with “the appearance of age”. Here again, the very people who are saying Old Earth Creationists are “heretics” and false teachers are saying things that absolutely are not stated in the Holy Bible. This last one I mention is the same as saying God has used deception by making the earth “appear” extremely ancient (a form of deception), plus the earlier-mentioned, opinion that dinosaurs were placed on Noah’s Ark in baby or egg form. Is it right that either side of the creationism subject be called heretical (Excluding evolution, an obviously wrong view because mankind was made in God’s Image and likeness.)? - Genesis 1:26

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I am a graduate of Liberty University (1996) for completion of theological studies. Bible studies are one of my most-covered book-subjects. I am however, careful to only address those subjects I believe God has given me correct revelation on. I was a Christian Youth Minister, beginning in the 1980s for approximately 20 years (between youth ministries I served in other church capacities as well). I was also a guest speaker to churches, who invited me to present important Bible teachings to their evangelical congregations, during those same years. I am a redeemed man, who has received salvation by acceptance of Jesus Christ and what he did for me in shedding his blood and dying for me on the cross and in his resurrection from the dead, giving me the promise of eternal life, purely by grace (not due to anything I have done, other than to accept it freely).