Here we are… more than half way through the year.
How is 2015 developing for you? Are you happy with your progress?

If you answered anything less than “Yes… There’s been some bumps along the way…but Yes I am happy” It’s time for some introspection.

At the beginning of the year you likely put in careful thinking and planning about what you would like to see happen for the upcoming year.

And now half way through 2015, upon checking in, you may find you really haven’t progressed with the speed you hoped for –especially on that one important goal – whether it be that promotion, health-related, or finding love.

The slow progress (or no progress) in itself may be disheartening – and depending on your behavioural pattern you may be tempted to just give up – if you haven’t already.

But wait, before you give up for good let’s try to figure out the source of the problem. Which of the following describe your situation?

1. Putting your goal off: Are you deliberately procrastinating on your goal? Even though you know you’ve had the time to work on it, you found you’ve put it off anyways. Could you perhaps be doubting yourself – your ability to carry it through? Despite being hopeful, perhaps, deep down you just don’t think it will ever work out for you. On the flipside, maybe you are scared you will succeed and then you’ll have others excepting for you to consistently deliver at the same high level? If you’re thinking to yourself ‘hmmm’ this is a good time for you to assess your self-worth and how much you value the skills and talents you have to offer the world. Without this, you will find yourself in similar situations with others goals.

2. Being too busy: Let’s face it… everyone is busy. You’re not the only one who has a full schedule. But the difference between successful people who achieve their goals you might be that they make time for what they consider important. Ask yourself: Are you really too busy or is it just a lack of prioritizing? It may be time to clean out your schedule… throw out the activities that appear to be important but will really bring you no value in the LONG RUN. Or bring in support to help you with those small but necessary tasks so you can have time for the bigger goals you say you don’t have time for.

3. Is the goal truly important to you? Maybe it’s time to do some soul searching. As you evolve you’ll find some goal no longer entice you. This is a natural progression of life. It could be that it has become a habit to keep listing this particular goal on your resolution list. Now is the time to clean out the goals you really are not passionate about. They’re only cluttering your ‘to-do’ list and making you feel bad you have another thing you haven’t accomplished. If it isn’t your intention to go after the goal hardcore, get rid of it.

4. Being low on planning/ execution ideas: Now let’s consider none of the options above apply to you. You know you goal is important to you, you would make as much time for it as you have to, and you’re definitely not afraid of losing or wining. You just have a hard time creating an execution plan – figuring out the best strategy so you can go in and conquer. And since not all goals are as easy to plan you may have additional things to consider. Such as, where can you get help or what information to you need to know before you start to plan.

If any of the above rings a bell, you must take action to resolve it. If you can’t come up with a plan on your own, if you’re paralyzed by fear failure, or if you find you’re too disorganized… all of these are EASY to cure.

The benefit of remedying the issue is that you will finally be able to scratch a goal off your list and feel good about achieving it. More importantly – you’ll make space for a new goal in 2016.

That’s how progress happens.

If you can’t overcome this challenge on your own, speak to a professional. Friends are not always the best people to turn too. The relationship you have with a friend can be limiting as she may only be able to speak to you from her limiting perspective, she may be worried about speaking the truth lest she offend you, and lastly in her hassle to take care of her family, you may not be her priority).

A professional is not there to worry about offending you but to tell you like it is. A professional has seen many different clients struggle with your issue and will likely have many different perspectives. For a professional you are the priority. And their full attention is on you.

It’s up to you to take that step – to do whatever it takes to move forward and accomplish.

Author's Bio: 

Toronto Life Coach for Women, Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA, provides training and support to kind-hearted and genuine women who struggle with their self-esteem, feel stuck and trapped, or are emotionally exhausted. I offer educational programs, products with the goal of helping my clients Reach Their Full Potential.

Specifically Ivana helps women:

1. Understand and overcome self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that keep them from making significant progress

2. Leverage their innate strengths and abilities to Reach Their Full Potential

3. Use their Full Potential to create a lasting difference in the world

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