Everywhere we go, we are bombarded by pictures and images that continually broadcast emotions and feelings of fear, hate and discontent. Watch the news along with all the garbage on television, read the newspaper, or better yet, listen to talk radio. All it takes is watching and listening for thirty seconds and it becomes real easy to buy into all the fear, hate and discontent. Why does this occur? One might ask. For one thing, it is much easier to control people that live in fear, hate and discontent. Are we talking about some grand conspiracy theory? It makes you wonder.

Life is eerily similar to the movie the Matrix. In the movie, humans were essentially living in a dream world reality, a reality that was created by artificial intelligence. When humans were plugged into the Matrix, they became essentially slaves to those that were in charge without their awareness that they were under control. Our world is not much different, the media acts in the same manner as the Matrix. We are living in a sea of information being broadcasted to us from television, print, internet and radio. Most of the information that is filtered to us creates fear, hate, and discontent. For example, how do feel when you see or hear the words; recession, depression, higher gas prices, higher taxes, war, death, disease? We might not feel anything at first, but, after hearing or seeing these words a thousand more times, we begin to not feel as good as we once did.

Once we buy into any form of fear, hate or discontent, The Man, has us. Who is The Man? The Man is the powers that control the world. Call it Government, the Banking System or whatever. Since the dawn of time, those with power and wealth, The Man, have tried to control those without power and wealth. How does The Man control? Through fear, hate and discontent, in this day and age, fear, hate and discontent is spread through television, internet, print and radio.

Why does The Man do this? Simple, The Man knows that each and everyone of us are powerful creators. Each and every one of us has the power to create the life we choose. All that stands in our way is fear, hate and discontent. We as humans, function better when we live in love, compassion and gratitude. It is much easier to create when we live in love, compassion and gratitude. The powers that be know this. What we focus on be it positive or negative is what we attract, we can perceive the world as wonderful and abundant or we can perceive the world as terrible and disastrous. Either way, we are right.

The first step in transforming our lives for the better is to disconnect from all the negative programming we receive from the media outlets. So how do we do this? Easy, quit watching the news, reading the newspaper, and listening to talk radio. The common reply I get is, “I can’t do that, how will I stay informed? “ I typically respond with” If something is so important that can not go ignored, we will eventually hear about it. But, in reality, the news we read about today is no different than the news we heard last week or twenty years ago. My life is much more peaceful when I cut out the news, reality TV shows, and talk radio. The information never changes, it is all doom and gloom which breeds fear, hate and discontent. Reality TV shows are another big trap created by The
Man. With reality TV, we stop living our own life and end up living our lives through the people we see on TV. What a waste of precious life.

Bottom Line, disconnect from the negative programming we get from TV, news, and radio and get off your ass and start living and creating the life you were meant to live. We were meant to live in love, compassion and gratitude. Give it a try.

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Dr. Corey Sondrup is the author of Reclaiming Your Power, a self help-personal growth book on optimal health and wellness. For the past 15 years, Dr. Corey has been combining chiropractic, nutrition and energy healing at his two offices in Ogden and Park City, Utah. Dr. Corey teaches seminars and workshops around the country on energy balancing with his GAMMA system. look for Dr. Corey's new book due out this Spring.
For more information on Dr. Corey Sondrup, visit him on the web at www.optimalhealthdynamics.com or on facebook at Corey Sondrup and Dr. Corey Sondrup/Optimal Health Dynamics.